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Yesterday, I traveled from Las Vegas to Savannah to visit my son’s family for the weekend . And because standby is so hard right now with my own airline, I used points to get a confirmed ticket, round-trip on Delta.

Flying standby is very stressful and it’s very hard these days. But it was my grandson’s 15th birthday and he wanted me here with him.

I purchased the priority club pass in December, which thank goodness, was extended for an additional three months because of the Covid virus. There were many differences and visiting two of the priority clubs yesterday. They are only just up and running again and so the food services were limited. At the club in Las Vegas by Delta on Concourse D. Instead of a full hot breakfast, you are now limited to yogurt, hard-boiled eggs and oatmeal and fresh fruit. I did get a diet soda to take with me on the plane and a couple of hard-boiled eggs, instead of the full hot breakfast that I’m used to. I do understand though that they are just starting up and not wanting to put a lot of money into the operation at this time.

While I was in Atlanta I had a couple of hours before my next flight to Savannah and so I went to the club on Concourse F and I was able to have a glass of wine, a quiet peaceful area, and I was not required to wear a mask in my seating area, which was very nice. Their food service again was limited to two hot soups, hummus and pita bread, a plate of cheese and assorted snacks. Not exactly what I was accustomed to in the past, but I will accept it for now.

But the whole experience, made me think that maybe we can go back to the old normal one day, I hope so. And with that being said the next video, is about my struggles wearing the mask and being isolated. Maybe others feel like I feel.


Throughout this COVID-19 time, I have lost many good friends, well, actually 4 good friends. They have allowed the fear of our future with COVID, come into there lives.

Please make comments as needed.


So, I’m having lots of fun in Statesboro, GA-literally very far from any major city. (3-hours to Jacksonville, Atlanta & Charleston, 1 1/2 hours to Savannah). I’m being very bad-diet wise. We’ve eaten at Longhorns, Olive Garden and my grandson’s choice for his birthday-Cracker Barrel. I’m afraid to step on the scale. I think a stop at IHOP is planned tomorrow for breakfast before I leave for my flight from Savannah. One of my grandson’s birthday present was a “Smell This“ game and the smells were disgusting-he loved it.


THRILL SEEKERS VACATION- I find something for everyone’s vacation.



It looks wonderfu! I’m allergic to lobster, but I still think it looks good enough to eat.


Tonight, we went to a place called The Rolling Monkey for ice cream (again bad for the diet). They make the ice cream from liquid into slabs and then roll into your cup. Then they have about 30 toppings you can add to it-all for the same price. This was the hotspot in Statesboro on a Saturday night.


That’s all for today I hope you enjoy th blo, please like ,comment, share.


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