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What Travel Destination are you fearful of traveling too?

Mine is the Amazon Jungle

Earlier this year, I was scheduled to go to Ecuador on a tour with 3 days in the Amazon Jungle. As it got closer and closer to the date, I became very apprehensive about this trip.

And then the Fates stepped in and cancelled my trip due to political things going on in Quito. I was very relieved. The issues in Quito, Ecuador were resolved within days, but my trip was cancelled and fully refunded. Will I go try and visit Ecuador again. Yes, but it's not in the plans for 2020.

So what am I fearful of?

This is one of the things: Poisonous Dart Frogs- Poison dart frogs are probably the most deadly creatures of Amazon rainforest. In the Amazon they found in marshes, lakes, swamps, streams and rivers. Depending on the habitats, the poison dart frogs found in different colors including gold, copper, red blue or green.

The golden poison dart frog is the most poisonous species of the family. It is estimated that they contain enough venom to kill 10 adult humans.

The brilliant skin color of poison dart frogs is actually a warning to their potential predators. If any predator tries to eat a poison dart frog, the highly dangerous poison found in their skin causes swelling, muscular paralysis, nausea, and even death.


The Amazon is home to poisonous Heliconius butterfly species, whose bright red wing markings warn predators of their toxicity. During their caterpillar stage, Heliconius species ingest the toxic leaves of poisonous flora, relying on specialized enzymes to neutralize the toxins. The repeated intake of toxins makes Heliconius species poisonous to avian predators during both their caterpillar and butterfly stages.

Pit Vipers

The pit vipers of the Amazon take their name from the indentation within their snouts. The pits detect body heat, directing the snakes toward their prey. A pit viper coils immediately before striking then injects venom into its prey's bloodstream through its long, hollow fangs. Amazonian pit vipers include the Bushmaster, which can grow to 12 feet long, making it both the world's largest pit viper and the Western Hemisphere's longest poisonous snake. The nocturnal fer-de-lance can grow to over 6.5 feet in length and is rarely seen during daylight, preferring to stalk its prey between dusk and mid-evening. Amazon tours may bypass the areas where these snakes live, so watch carefully to spot one in the wild.


While the spiders of the Amazon use venom to kill or immobilize their prey, very few pose a danger to humans. Even tarantula bites are relatively harmless, except to those who suffer an allergic reaction to the spider's venom, though the toxin in their body hair can irritate skin. The Brazilian wandering spider is a notable exception, with venom that contains a neurotoxin that's potentially life-threatening, causing severe pain as it spreads throughout the victim's body. While most Amazonian spiders shy away from humans, Brazilian wandering spiders aggressively attack people who arouse their attention. These spiders are commonly found beneath fallen trees within the rainforest, as well as within the walls of thatched houses.

Not to mention: all of the bugs with all my bug allergies, yellow fever, ziki virus and the indigenous people.

So Where are you fearful of traveling too? Send me a comment and why?

My friend, Maria Carmen told me her fear was going to Columbia. I was surprised about this, because she speaks fluent Spanish. I have been to Columbia myself and the language issue was a problem for me, but I wasn't fearful. And then she explained to me why: The Drug Cartels. You never know what's going to happen, do you in a country in a country with 4 Drug Cartels. So, I think this is a valid fear.

Now, I'm not trying to put fear into you for traveling. Remember I want to inspire you to travel. I just thought this was an interesting topic to talk about. So again, send me a comment on what travel destination makes you fearful. Maybe we can turn it around.

I'm still going to the Amazon Jungle, it's just on the back burner for me.


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