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Today it's only 108 degrees in Las Vegas!

I'm sitting here at my dining table working and looking at my pool, wondering why I'm not in it. After all, it's only 108 degrees outside today. Maybe I'll get there later, but right now I'm pushing myself to do this blog.

Sometimes, I have to push myself and I have a friend who keeps calling me and bugging me about it, until I do. I set 1 day a week (at least for now), to sit down and do some writing.


Right now, I'm a free woman! Free from work at Southwest Airlines for 6 months (maybe). They reserve the right to call me back at any time, but I should be home for at least 3 months. I love my job, but right now I hate the mask (wearing it onboard 8-14 hours per day) and I hate being the mask police on board. Hopefully, by the time I have to go back, the masks will be gone. But in the meanwhile, I have a reduced salary and full benefits, while I am home. I am a Free Woman!

While I'm home, there are many things that need doing. I had the garage completely re-done and my 1976 garage now looks like a brand new garage, even the floor is newly painted. Now, I have the task of getting rid of clutter, that I haven't used in the last couple of years.

I had some collision work done on my car. I had a slight car accident, that wasn't really a car accident. I pulled into a car spot at Home Depot and didn't notice the a low pallet trolley in front of me. Hit my bumper and it moved onto a Cadillac 2 cars down. So after the auto work done, my car looks like a brand new car. Plus, I had been missing a hubcap for awhile and finally found one that didn't cost $100 (going rate at the dealership). My friend, Peter recommended HubCap Annies on Eastern and got one for my car for $45.


I'm still practicing cooking keto recipes and air fryer recipes. Today, I attempted onion rings again with a new recipe, but it really didn't have much flavor-so I think I'm going back to the original recipe with pork rinds, but I have figured out a way to make the onion rings, not as messy as before. So I'm getting there. When I finally have a recipe that I can share, I will. Then, I will also share the best Keto Thousand Island Recipe, only 1 carb per serving-perfect with the onion rings.


So another recipe I tried yesterday was Keto All Beef Wieners Wrapped in Bacon. So Easy and So De-Lish. Popped them in the air fryer for 15 minutes and I have a 1.5 net carb per wiener dinner.


And here, I have made some Keto Sugar Cookies. With the frosting, each cookie is one carb. To try the recipe:

The cookie is very good, really takes care of that sweet need I have sometimes. But the icing never got hard and I wanted it too. So, I'm glad I made these, but will need to work on getting the icing to harden. Any suggestions?


I don't know if you know it, but I have 2 meetup groups in Las Vegas. Travel, Fun & Food (no fees) and 40+Travel, Tours & Cruises (annual fee). Come join us for our fun lunches, happy hours and game days. Last weekend, members of both groups had a great opportunity to go to the Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Reservation. In our group there were 23 of us-Comedy on Deck Tours in Las Vegas. Many of us, including me took advantage of the SkyWalk, a glass structure that hangs out over the Grand Canyon. It was terrifying for me, did that, won't do that again. The second picture, until the 1950's was a cable car that stretched across the Grand Canyon.


Company Offering 'Ghost Ship Tour' of Vacant Cruise Ships

This is equal parts cool, bizarre and sad at the same time.

It’s been a difficult time for cruise ship companies and cruise ship enthusiasts alike. For the most part, boats have been anchored for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, although some lines like MSC Cruises have launched itineraries overseas.

But now cruise lovers who have a hankering to be back on a ship can at least get close to one. In a fun piece written by the blog The Points Guy, a ferry company based in Southampton, England has started up "ghost ship tours." For a fee, Mudeford Ferry will take you on a two-and-a-half-hour journey that will take you within about 160 feet of all the empty cruise vessels anchored offshore during the cruising shutdown. Among the ships that have been anchored off nearby Christchurch are Cunard Line’s Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria; and P&O Cruises’ Britannia, Aurora, Arcadia and Ventura. As of this week, there also were three Marella Cruises vessels in the mix and even a Carnival Cruise Line ship, the Carnival Valor. The Valor normally sails out of New Orleans, but it is one of the ships that Carnival has sent on long voyages around the world to repatriate crew to their home countries. Not far from Christchurch, in Bournemouth, England, Royal Caribbean ships Anthem of the Seas and Allure of the Seas are also anchored. The “ghost ship tours” is something of a misnomer, as small staffs of workers are on each ship to properly maintain the vessels.


Road Trip with Val

This is a YouTube video that I made and since have found what a great opportunity this trip really is. I'm hoping to make it shortly. Did you know that you can fly in and out of Rapid City, SD on Allegiant Airline for $60 each way? What a steal! and then you're only 30 minutes from Mount Rushmore and if you continue this trip as per the video, take in Bozeman, MT and Yellowstone National Park.

Now the catch to this, with Allegiant Airlines, is that they only operate this schedule Sunday and Thursdays, but do I hear a 4-day trip coming? Let's see $120 airfare, car rental, some cheap hotels along the way-I can do that! I think you should too. I personally want to do this, before the snows come, so plan this soon!


Keto Cooking with Val on YouTube

SUBSCRIBE Keto Cooking With Val - Wing Sauce | TAWVB | Vlog 46 For more travel tips & cooking


That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please comment, share, etc.

Please watch me on YouTube-Travel Adventures with Valerie Brown


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