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This Chic Vermont Hotel Is the Perfect Place to Start a Leaf-peeping Road Trip


Leaf-peeping season is almost here and this hotel is the perfect place to make all your fall dreams come true.

After being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Hotel Vermont has officially opened its doors to visitors again, just in time for the autumn leaves to change.

The hotel, located in Burlington, Vermont, near the shores of Lake Champlain, is a modern stay that is amazing for hikers, cyclists, outdoor lovers, or just people who want to relax and get away from the bustling city. It’s also the best place to celebrate all things fall.

Now that the hotel is open again, visitors can partake in the two customized fall foliage mini road trips that the hotel has curated especially for fall.

Hotel Vermont’s Fall Foliage itinerary is a scenic drive that takes you down Route 100 through Stowe, across Smuggler’s Notch, down through Jeffersonville and back to Burlington with several stops along the way to take pictures, rest, or just take in the beauty of some of the prettiest places in Vermont.

Or, if you’re looking for all the fall scenery plus lots of unique places to stop, you can take the hotel’s Take a Drive itinerary that takes you down Route 7 and highlights must-see spots, including Philo Ridge Farm, Rokeby Museum, Vermont African American Heritage Trail, Kingsland Bay State Park, and Vermont Cookie Love for some of the best cookies, ice cream, and other treats in the state.

Burlington also has lots to offer if you want to stay close to the hotel as well. The hotel can guide you on your own takeout brewery tour around the town, highlighting the best places to get to-go brews and delicious takeout food. Have yourself a personalized tasting either in your hotel room or on the hotel’s patio.

The hotel also has an outdoor restaurant that serves brick oven pizza and is open through October. Or, guests can enjoy to-go items from the hotel restaurant, Juniper.

For more information or to book a fall trip, visit the Hotel Vermont website.


Vrbo Is Giving Away 25 Rentals for Its 25th Anniversary

Winners can stay in luxury treehouses, a ranch with a waterpark, a refurbished airplane, and more.


Vrbo is celebrating a major milestone this year: Its 25th anniversary.

For more than two decades, the company has brought together some of the coolest vacation rentals for travelers to stay in around the globe. Now, to honor its big year, the company is giving away 25 stays at some of its own favorite, highly-rated vacation homes, including a few houses, cabins, condos, and even a few castles thrown in for good measure.

“We wanted to recognize and show gratitude to our customers who have trusted Vrbo with their family vacations over the past 25 years. To celebrate this milestone, we are inviting families to look back through their old family photos to reminisce on their most precious memories together,” Lish Kennedy, Vrbo’s VP of Global Brand Marketing, shared in a statement.

To enter for a chance to win a stay at one of the homes, all participants need to do is hop on either Facebook or Instagram to share a family vacation photo using the hashtag #VrboTurns25. Vrbo will then select the winners who will then be able to choose their favorite vacation home to stay in from the collection.

“We’re giving away 25 stays in some truly over-the-top Vrbos to our favorite entrants — so share any throwback vacation photo that warms your heart, makes you laugh, smile, or even shed a happy tear,” Kennedy added.


A Taste of Las Vegas-learn about new restaurants to try in Las Vegas!


The Easiest Chicken Wings to Cook-Keto Style-Try them, you will love them!


Apple Watch Series 3 back down to cheapest-ever price ahead of Prime Day 2020

As we edge closer to October 13 and its almost unbeatable Prime Day deals, we’re seeing some amazing early Prime Day discounts on some of the very best tech and gadgets on the market. For instance, at this moment, you can get $30 off an Apple Watch Series 3. Currently, it’s on sale for $169. That’s down from its original price of $199. Looks like it’s time to save!

Since Apple is as far along as the Apple Watch Series 6, we’re obviously a few editions past the Apple Watch Series 3, but that doesn’t mean the Series 3 isn’t a great watch. In fact, it has a ton of advantages over other smartwatches and remains one of the best smartwatches on the market.

As with anything from Apple, we’re obsessed with this Apple Smartwatch’s gorgeous and uber-functional design. It’s sleek, compact, and connected, in that it’s always got Siri on-hand to take care of any of your hands-free needs. And it’s got Apple’s legendary Retina display. Also, they’ve added some “buzz” in that there’s a vibration when the activity monitor is engaged, which gives you a little buzz when it’s time to stand, move, stretch or take some steps. It’s your own personal trainer, right there on your wrist.

Like the Series 4, 5, and 6, the Apple Watch Series 3 offers GPS tracking, so you’re never not on the ball (there’s an S3 chip with dual-core processor powering the whole affair). It has health and fitness features, too, like the ability to track your heartbeat and follow your workout so that you stay on target. One huge advantage of this watch over previous versions is that it’s swim-proof, and can follow your exercise patterns and calories burned under water, not just your steps, which it can do, too.

There is, of course, the standard Apple Watch features that made so many of us fall for this gizmo as an alternative to our phones and tablets in the first place. It’s great for making calls and checking your messages, texts and emails. And of course, you can tap it to use Apple Pay, too. Naturally, Apple has provided access to a large number of compatible apps — everything from fitness to mindfulness to news — to keep you both informed and most importantly, healthy and stress-free. There’s a good deal of room to store any music, audiobooks, podcasts and games you’d like to take with you on the go. Finally, if you ever get into trouble, like real trouble, there are emergency SOS features. What else do you need?

As we near October 13, we’re seeing some amazing discounts, including Prime Day Apple Watch deals. The Apple Watch Series 3 remains a total winner, both on paper and on your wrist. Right now, you can get $30 off , making an Apple Watch Series 3 only $169, down from its original price of $199. Get one before time runs out.


How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Keep your sink's medium in mind when scrubbing.

By Lauren Wellbank

The place you do most of your washing up—your kitchen sink—sees a lot of dirt and grime. And over time, all of that gunk can build up on its surface. Fortunately, giving your sink a deep clean is a fairly easy process. Here, two experts share their tips for making your sink sparkle again, based on its medium.

Stainless Steel

If you have a stainless steel sink, your biggest concern should be scratching it during the cleaning process, explains Trisha Lake, the owner and CEO of TLC Cleaning. When you begin your deep clean, be sure you're scrubbing with the natural grain. "You can use a Magic Eraser ($3.69, here as long as you move with the grain," she says, adding that you can use dish soap or something even stronger—Lake loves Barkeepers Friend ($1.93,—if the Magic Eraser isn't cutting through the grime. "When complete, rinse the sink out with water and dry with a microfiber cloth," she concludes. If you like your sink shiny, she suggests finishing it off with a little stainless-steel cleaner or olive oil for polish

White Porcelain

For those with white porcelain sinks, Leanne Stapf, the chief operating officer of The Cleaning Authority, says to create a mixture of three tablespoons baking soda, one tablespoon dish soap, and a quarter cup of warm water to restore that perfect white finish. "But first, sanitize the sink by filling your sink with warm water," she says. "Add just a small amount of bleach and let it sit for upwards of five minutes before draining." Finish everything off by wiping down the handles and faucet, as well.


Have a copper sink? Avoid any abrasive cleaners. "No Magic Erasers, no sponges, no acid-based products," Lake explains. "Gently clean the sink with a microfiber cloth and dish soap." If you scrub too hard, or use an abrasive cleaner, you can actually remove the dark patina that naturally develops over time. "But if you do make that mistake, and the sink turns a bright orange copper color, have no fear—the color will go back to the dark patina over time," she adds. Copper sinks are less common these days, so it's important to take care of yours—it may be hard to find a similar replacement.

Hard to Reach Spots

No matter what type of sink you have, you're going to want to tackle the drain, faucet, and handles during your deep clean. Lake suggests using an old toothbrush to get into the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. "Oftentimes, the dirtiest part of a sink is in the strainer and drain area," she says, "as well as right around that faucet area." A hard toothbrush and a Magic Eraser are key when hitting this area. Just don't mix any chemicals together while you're cleaning, says Stapf. "Bleach and other cleaning fluids should never be used together, as they can produce dangerous toxins when combined," she cautions. "If the blend mixes in your pipes, it can pollute the air in your home."



Living in Las Vegas, there has been a lot of movement with friends coming and going. My friend Sharon is heading back to Columbus, Ohio for a fresh start. Plus, she will be closer to family. I think though in the upcoming winters, we will see Sharon here in Las Vegas to get out of the cold winters of Ohio. Time will tell! With Sharon's fresh start, she has started her own blog and will be chronicling her journey with a new GoPro as she drives across the country.

Another friend of mine, Pat Fry is moving to Alabama in the upcoming weeks to also be near family. Maybe this is a new trend, going back to family and roots. Amid the COVID-19 crisis-we realize we need to be near family. I will be sorry to miss Pat Fry-she has been a great friend and always a great baker-will miss her fabulous desserts. Good Luck Pat.

My friends Vernalisa & Pepe are also plannning a move, but not until next summer. To be closer to their daughter and granddaughter. Vernalisa has given numerous fabulous dinner parties on her estate. She and Pepe are kind, generous souls. There will be a lack of good times when they leave.

I am also contemplating a move, but no definite date in mind nor location. I love Las Vegas, but due to the Covid-19 crisis, I have lost many friends (not through death, but through fear). So maybe its time to move on and make new friends and memories. I love my life here in Las Vegas, I love the heat (still hate the mask), I love the mild winters, but miss the friendships/relationships that women develop over time.

That's it for now. I like the way my blog is starting to look-I hope you do too.

Val Brown



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