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The World's Biggest Inflatable Adult-Theme Park Is Coming To Arizona This Month

How high can you jump?

We don't care how old we are. We're going in the bounce house and nothing will stop us. Sure it's usually for kids only. But you don't have to worry about that kids only sign anymore. The world's biggest inflatable theme park is coming to Arizona and adults can join in on the fun.

Big Bounce America will be making two stops in the Grand Canyon State and we couldn't be happier. On October 25 - October 27, and November 1 - November 3, Phoenicians can have some adult-only fun. We're talking about bounce houses, obstacle courses, ball pits, and more. You can let your inner child out without feeling guilty.

You can buy tickets here for $30 per person. Each adult-only session is for a 3-hour time slot. You'll get unlimited access to the giant inflatable obstacle course, airSpace which includes mazes and ball pits, and a timed session for the Bounce House.

It's time to grab your BFF's or S/O for a fun-filled day of bringing back childhood memories. The adult-only sessions are for people ages 16 or older. So there's no need to worry about children getting in the way of fun.

The airSpace will be decked out with out-of-this-world alien decor. You will be able to see spaceships, aliens, giant-planets, moon crater ball pits, and more. There's even a 60-foot maze for you to get lost in.

Make sure you leave your shoes and bring some socks. There are no shoes and no bare feet allowed while you're having fun. If you plan on wearing sandals, you can purchase gripper socks for $5 each.

Travel Insurance, do I buy it or don't I. This is a very personal subject. Up till now, I have never purchased travel insurance. I was required to purchase Travel Insurance for my Fiji Cruise for January 2020 by the New Caledonian Government. (Still room available on this cruise January 21-February 4, 2020-roundtrip from Sydney, Australia). The New Caledonian government doesn't want to be held responsible , if you get hurt while visiting their island. Makes sense, I guess. Look at the big picture: Do you have elderly parents? Do you have health issues? Do you have a job that may require you to back out at the last minute? If you say yes to any of the above-then I think you need travel insurance for your cruise/vacation/tour. Then you need to look at price, because most vacation packages are now offering standard (reasonable price) or premium insurance (usually twice the price). The standard insurance is usually for health reasons only to you or a member of your immediate family. The premium insurance would be good for those worried about work canceling your trip at the last minute.

Am I going to start buying Travel Insurance soon. No, not unless I'm required. My day will come though. In the last 5 years, I've broken my wrist, my shoulder & my ribs-I know my day is coming. But, is this going to slow down my traveling? Forget about it-I've got a lot of the world left to see!

Dravuni Island Fiji. Speaking of my Fiji Island Cruise Jan 21-Feb 4, 2020-one island we will be visiting is Dravuni.

Port of Dravuni Island

Dravuni Island is one of those little patches of paradise. It has a population of a mere 150 or so, but it swells to the size of a small town when cruise ships call. Situated in the Fijian island group of Kadavu, south of the main island of Viti Levu, it is an unspoilt, tiny tropical island measuring 2 kilometres long by about 0.5 kilometres wide. You could walk around it in no time, save for the rocky cliffs that come right down to the shore at both ends. You can, however, walk to its summit if you fancy a not-so-tough hike on a hot day.

No cruise ships dock at the island, but rather you will board a smaller boat and be tendered to Dravuni Island and arrive at a dock on the northern end. Note that once you pull ashore, you'll be greeted by islanders singing your welcome and shouting ‘Bula!'.

Getting around is simple: walk. There are a few cliff areas that you won't be able able to access, but aside from that, you can easily stroll around the entire island in no time. As a real bonus of visiting an island this small, it's very hard to get lost!

Money matters on Dravuni Island

When you arrive on Dravuni Island, be sure to bring cash with you as there are no banks or ATMs in sight. Some of the local vendors may accept Australian dollars, but the official currency is the Fijian dollar so it's best to have some on hand if you plan to make a purchase.

Dravuni Island's local culture

It's such a small place, but Dravuni Island thrives with life. The locals who live on the island embrace a far simpler lifestyle than that to which we are accustomed.

Consider Fiji's relaxed and cheerful culture then amplify it, and this is what you can expect from Dravuni Island. It's all about family, kindness and enjoying the simple things in life, and never even considering rushing about frantically. You'll quickly be swayed into joining in on the fun and leaving your cares behind.

Come join me on the Majestic Princess!

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