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The weather is definitely changing here in Las Vegas. Winter-Las Vegas style is almost here. Time to get those winter coats out, hoodie shirts and long pants. No more days of shorts & t-shirts. I miss the heat already!

I was going to tell everyone about the free day at the Mob Museum offered yearly on November 15, sponsored by Zappos this year, but only limited tickets were given out to friends and family. Not my family, not my friends, but someone's family & friends. Very disappointing.


Key West Votes to Keep Large Cruise Ships Out

Residents of Key West, Florida, have voted to impose new restrictions on cruise ships looking to pull into the four-square-mile island that's home to the southernmost point in the U.S. 

Residents voted for three separate referendums: one to prohibit cruise ships carrying more than 1,300 passengers from docking in Key West, another to limit the total number of visitors to Key West from cruise ships to 1,500 per day, and a third that would prioritize dock access for cruise lines with the best health and environmental records. 

About 81% of Key West residents voted in favor of prioritizing cruise lines with stronger health and environmental records. And more than 60% of residents voted for each of the other two measures to limit cruise activity.

Key West has long been a popular cruise destination, drawing more than one million passengers in 2019 alone — about half of the total number of tourists who visited that year. 

The new restrictions wouldn’t completely eliminate cruise traffic to the island. Major cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, and Disney Cruise Line don’t operate ships small enough to pull into Key West, under the new regulations. But boutique cruise operators like Oceania Cruises, Crystal Cruises, and Germany’s Hapag-Lloyd Cruises wouldn’t be affected as their ships carry fewer than 1,300 passengers each. 


This Chocolate Orange-themed Hotel Room in France Is Every Candy Lover’s Dream

Chocolate and views of the Alps included.

Club Med’s brand new ski resort, La Rosière, located in Montvalezan, in southeastern France, is debuting the world’s first chocolate orange-themed hotel room in honor of the holiday season.

This new experience lets chocolate lovers indulge in their favorite treat while also enjoying a ski holiday in the French Alps. The hotel room itself is chock-full of candy inspired decor, amenities, and yes, a lot of chocolate orange delicacies.

The room itself is decked out in orange, blue, and chocolatey brown decor. The bright orange bedding is balanced with pops of blue and framed by a headboard that is made to look like chocolate orange slices — there’s even a chocolate orange scented toilet roll.

And when they’re ready to hit the slopes, guests will get their own sets of chocolate orange skis.

The resort itself also has lots of amenities to enjoy, including a ski lodge with a bar and restaurant, a spa with wellness packages, skiing and snowboarding lessons, walking and hiking trails, yoga and fitness classes, and of course, gorgeous mountain views of the Alps everywhere.

Stays in the Chocolate Orange room start from $237 per person per night. For more information or to make a booking, visit the La Rosière Club Med website.



Everybody knows I need to keep busy. All of the time. I have thought of my next project to pursue: I'm going to start Baking and Selling Baked Goods from home, until I have enough money for my Around The World Cruise. There's no travel going on right now, so this is a perfect time to start my own personal "GoFundMe" project with Baked Goods. I love making baked goods, but I can't eat them without gaining weight, so I'm going to bake them and sell them and put the money into My Around The World Cruise that I have been dreaming of for years. This is a perfect project for me.

I'm starting with Fruit Filled Hand Pies and Beef Pasties. Normally, these would be fried in the fryer, but instead they will be made in my Air Fryer-a "little" more healthy. Stay tuned for more info. Delivery service in the Las Vegas area will be available.


Florida's First and Only Snow Amusement Park Will Have Tubing, Snowman Building, a Giant Igloo, and More

Winter fun is coming to Florida just in time for the holidays.

In the winter months, Florida often becomes the temporary home of many Northerners seeking refuge from bitter cold temperatures. These sun-seeking snowbirds choose sand and sea over snow and ski, but soon they’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds, alongside locals looking for a wintry escape. This month, Florida will welcome its first and only snow amusement park.

Located on Florida’s Sports Coast, Snowcat Ridge is an alpine-style park, bringing wintry vibes and activities without the freezing temperatures. Sprawled out over 50 acres of forest and pasture, Snowcat Ridge will keep guests entertained with three attractions: Arctic Igloo, Alpine Village, and Snowy Slopes, the main star of the show. Snowy Slopes is a snow tubing hill measuring 60 feet tall and over 400 feet long. Guests can take their seat in a single, tandem, or six-person family tube as the magic carpet lift pulls them on a peaceful ride to the top. Then it’s time for the adrenaline-filled slide down the snow-covered hill. 

Inside the Arctic Igloo, guests will find the closest thing to a real winter in the Sunshine State. This 10,000-square-foot, snowy play dome is slightly chilled and invites park-goers to channel their inner Anna and Elsa as they use real snow to build snowmen and snow angels. The snow dome will also include a child-sized snow hill for younger guests.

At the Alpine Village, visitors can take a break to shop in the Holiday Market, where vendors will offer a variety of craft goods. An assortment of vendors will also be in the village to offer hot and cold beverages, as well as beer, wine, and food. The festive atmosphere of Snowcat Ridge will be complete with a nightly music and light show featuring popular holiday songs timed to a light display projected onto Snowy Slopes. Alpine Village will include a viewing area for the show, as well as some campfires so guests can roast their s’mores as they enjoy the festivities.

Snowcat Ridge will open its doors from Nov. 20 to March 28, 2021. In subsequent years, the park will continue to open only seasonally. For more information, visit the park’s official website.


Until Next Time.


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