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Something to look forward too!

Finally, something to look forward too. Something to blog about.

This vacation at home has been hard on all of us. But I booked a new vacation today for August 2020.

My sister and I are going on the Wind Surf with Windstar Yacht Cruises August 17, 2020. 11 nights aboard a yacht from Tilbury, England to Lisbon, Portugal with stops in England, France and Spain. Plus, for my sister, who is a real foodie, this is a James Beard Foundation Theme Cruise with famous chefs & Culinary & Wine Pairings. Not, so much for me, I'm a picky eater, but I'm sure I will find something to eat and I love wine. So again, something to look forward too! Something to blog about too!


Keto Recipe-We are all struggling here at home, for ways to occupy our time. I'm trying different keto recipes. Then you can all try them at home as well. This is my new breakfast favorite:

Eggs in Avocado: Bake 2 eggs in a halved avocado for 12-15 minutes at 425F; season and enjoy with crispy bacon.

Notes: this was very messy to make, because the recipe didn't specify small eggs or maybe just using the yolk. Also, the cooking time for me was 18 minutes for the eggs to set. Plus, the bacon is a must-completely changes the flavor.

Another note: this second half was kept in a covered dish for 4 days, nuked at 30 seconds and was still very tasty.

Lets talk about the Keto diet for a minute, because it's become an important part of my life. Can I say that I have lost a lot of weight from it in one year-no. I have only lost 10 pounds, but lots of inches. But I feel better, having less bread and other carbs in my life.

I have found bread that I can eat (Chompies at Sprouts) and a few desserts. Just recently, I was moaning that I stopped losing inches, but then I realized every day, another piece of clothing was going into the thrift store bag, because it's becoming too big. So should you try the Keto diet-that's up to you and everyone has better results than me, but that's okay. I feel good and I'm healthy-I guess that's whats important.


Travel Memoirs-While we are not able to travel right now, how about reading a travel memoir. Read about others journeys through travel and maybe that will be next place you travel too.

Most of these are free at your local library.

Also, I told some people the name of the App for the free library books online was wrong. It is Overdrive and you must have a library card.

For free magazine downloads, the app is still RB Digital, again free with a library card.


Luxor, Egypt Nile Cruise-A few years ago, I took a 7-day Cruise from Luxor to Aswan. I did it through

At the time, this was the least expensive option for me go on this cruise, but it turned out to be the best option. At that time, the only tours offered from the US, cost between $3000-$5000 per person (based on double occupancy) and that didn't include the airfare. This same tour included round-trip air from London to Egypt, 7 day cruise with a Juliet balcony, all inclusive beverage package, all of my sightseeing and all of my meals. My total cost was $1500 as a single. Not bad. Also, I was with the British group and the Egyptians like the Brits-I was one of them. At that time, they were not too happy with the Americans. At that time, Americans traveled with machine gun body guards everywhere they went.

Now Gate 1 Travel here in the US, has trips available to Egypt at prices even I would take advantage of. Of course, I'm going to wait for a special to come along. Egypt is a once in a lifetime experience-I've been twice now. When this is all over, consider a Nile cruise or a tour of Egypt. I still haven't been to the Red Sea yet, another excuse to go back to Egypt.


I've spoken about different companies above, but no one has paid me to talk about them. I am here to inspire you to travel (when this pandemic is over).

Valerie Brown

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