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Sitting on the back deck of the cruise ship in Cabo San Lucas

It’s 80 degrees in the sun, but I’m in the shade in the back of the Majestic Princess. Where a gentle breeze caresses me. Most of the cruisers are off the ship, sightseeing and shopping. I have also been off the ship, but only for a short time. I have done almost every excursion available. My days of zip lining and parasailing are over. Save that for the younger people.

This is day 3 and I’m having so much fun. I’m alone on this cruise, but there many solo cruisers. Shared happy hours & dinners are fun with new friends. The cruise ship is only at 40% capacity and there are no children on this cruise as well.

The Majestic Princess has changed for the better! Prior to the Pandemic, I was unhappy with the food and some of the services offered. The food has greatly improved. They made design changes on the ship also. Taking away the Sanctuary and now having an open Hollywood Conservatory In its spot. A hidden gem at the forward part of the ship.

Previously my complimentary happy hour was in the Vista Lounge, which made it hard to meet people, but now in the open spaces of the Hollywood Conservatory.

My status has been upgraded to Elite and I receive many nice perks. Yesterday was a complimentary wine tasting, free laundry and more. It’s good being me. I had purchased the soda beverage package, but found they don’t charge for sodas in most of the restaurants. Also, the wine prices are up, but the beer and alcohol prices are down.

I won $500 the first night in the casino on a 60 cent bet. I still have most of it on account-will cash out before the end of the cruise. Tomorrow we head to Maztalan and then on to Puerto Vallarta.

Talk to you soon.

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