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Priority Pass-Airport Lounge Acess

As I continue to plan my future trips, I am looking for more ways of being comfortable while traveling.

Above Priority Pass, for a fee gives access to over 1300 Airport Lounges around the world.

i have compared prices to a single airline club, typically $500 per year to do this.

This program for my first year is $364.00, which gives me unlimited access to these lounges. There also 2 other programs that are offered: $99 annually for the occasional traveler and $299 for the standard traveler, which allows 10 lounge visits per year. All 3 programs offer guests for $32 per person and in most cases, children are free.

Reviewing this program, they made a very good argument. You’re sitting in the airport upward for 3 hours. You may have a drink and a bite to eat with the airport restaurant bill being $35. In most lounges, there are fine dining restaurants or a kitchen, alcohol is included, WiFi is included, quiet spaces and many offer complimentary massages and showers. Quite a few also offer day beds for resting.

i signed up. Travel is not always easy and I need ways to make it easier. Of course, if i could afford First Class or Business Class all the time, this wouldn’t be an issue. These lounges are included in the price. But I can’t.

Tomorrow will be my first experience in Atlanta at the Minute Suites. This is a more limited lounge, but it’s a start. I am only allowed 1 Hour at no charge (most allow 3+ hours), but I have. a 4 hour layover-so it’s okay. Additional hours are $28 per hour, but I don’t need that.. just a little break and a nap maybe.

In 2 weeks I am going to Dublin, so I will also take advantage of the lounge in Los Angeles, which will be in the Korean Air Lounge in the Tom Bradley Terminal, which offers refreshments, alcohol, showers and WiFI. Also, if I’m hungry, before I leave the Southwest terminal, I can go to the Rock and Brews bar and have lunch with $28 being taken off my bill.

This is sounding better and better, for me at least.

I’m not being paid to talk about Priority Pass. I want to inspire you to travel and maybe make it a little easier for you too.

Please visit my YouTube Channel-Travel Adventures with Valerie Brown. Please like and subscribe to future episodes.

Wishing you safe travels.

Valerie Brown

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