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Oh No! My Tour To Ecuador Was Cancelled!!

As some of you may know, my trip to Ecuador was cancelled. Here I am ready to go, packed and I bought a new waterproof backpack & hiking boots and Gate 1 Travel calls and cancels my tour due to civil unrest in Quito, Ecuador. I get a full refund on the tour, but my airline ticket still has some issues, but Delta is working with me on it. Very disappointing, but I'm glad my tour company is looking out for my safety.

Ecuador will have to be another year. Besides, I have been very apprehensive about the anacondas, piranhas and spiders. Thank goodness, I didn't get the yellow fever shot-I hate shots and this one hurts. I will still need to get one next year for my Gorilla Trek (this is required), but that's a long way off.

So, I can't tell you about my Travel Adventures for this trip, but I have got some new and interesting things coming up. My goal/job here is to encourage you to get out and see the world. Whether, you do it as a solo traveler, with a couple of friends or with a group-get out and see the world. Or a small part of this country, but don't sit home and dream about it-do it.

Ah, why am I adding a picture of the Norwegian Jewel? Because she has a great cruise coming up on November 14, 2019. I wish I was free to take this-why you ask?

They are offering this exciting trip as a SINGLE or DOUBLE for the low price of $532 Inside Cabin, $737 Ocean View Cabin, $1099 Balcony $1222 or a Suite $1610. This is being offered by Vacations To Go and you need to call them directly to book this at 800-338-4962 & it's Fast Deal #12289. If I wasn't still working, I would be on this!

Normally, I wouldn't recommend calling other tour companies. I want you to go through me on my trips, but I also don't want you to miss out on some great deals. It's all about seeing the world and when a great opportunity comes along-you need to buy it.

This is another company I can recommend highly. Their trips are sometimes very expensive, sometimes not. They do guarantee roommates though. If they can't find you one, you get a single room. 3 years ago, my sister, a friend & I went to South Africa with this group for $1500 per person (air was extra). But we had time in Johannesburg, a 5 day safari, a luxury overnight train to Cape Town and then more time in Cape Town, with everything included, but swimming in the Shark Tank (sorry I couldn't do it). We made some lifelong friends. Check out their website at


Life is all about new adventures, staying young!

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