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No fireworks show planned for 2021 New Year's celebration in Las Vegas

No fireworks show planned for 2021 New Year's celebration in Las Vegas Anyone looking to say goodbye to 2020 will have to do so without a big Las Vegas tradition. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority said Thursday it will not organize a fireworks show to celebrate the New Year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "Las Vegas has always been a bucket list New Year’s Eve destination, and we are going to make sure that remains the case – celebrating putting 2020 in the rear-view mirror in an 'Only Vegas' way," LVCVA President Steve Hill said in a statement. "But as we have said throughout the year, the safety and security of our guests and employees is our top priority, and with that in mind, we will not have a fireworks show on December 31st." The LVCVA typically organizes the fireworks launched over the Las Vegas Strip and downtown to ring in a new year. It's unclear what the organization will hold in the show's place. Hill says they will "have some special things planned to welcome 2021 with the hope and promise it brings.


Endangered White Rhino Calf Born at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

The birth of the yet-to-be-named animal marks the eleventh white rhino calf to be born at the Walt Disney World resort

Walt Disney World has welcomed a new addition to its theme park family — a baby white rhinoceros!

Early on Sunday morning, rhinoceros mom Kendi gave birth to a yet-to-be-named male white rhino at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park, marking the eleventh white rhino calf to be born at the Orlando resort.

According to a news release from Disney, the animal was born after a 16-month pregnancy and weighs approximately 150 pounds. Within an hour of its birth, the rhino calf was already standing and walking around, as well as nursing.

Kendi was paired with the male rhino Dugan to reproduce as part of the Species Survival Plan that is overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the release added.

The mother-calf duo will now spend the next several weeks bonding backstage before they join the rest of their herd, where guests aboard the theme park's Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction will have the opportunity to see the calf in its habitat.


Tourist Says She’s Been ‘Cursed’ for 15 Years Since Stealing Pompeii Artifacts

In a handwritten letter, a Canadian tourist says she’s suffered health and financial woes ever since she stole ancient relics from the Italian site in 2005.

When a Canadian tourist visited Pompeii back in 2005, she was so taken by the site that she decided to bring some souvenirs home with her. But instead of heading to the shop, she stashed five artifacts from the Italian ruins and flew back across the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, 15 years later, she’s sent them back, claiming that she’s suffered a “curse” since she stole the historic relics.

“I was young and dumb,” she wrote in a letter in cursive on binder paper, as seen in a photo posted by Italian newspaper Il Messaggero. “I wanted to have a piece of history that couldn’t be bought. I never thought about what I was actually taking. I took a piece of history captured in time that has so much negative energy attached to it. People died in such a horrible way and I took tiles that related to that kind of destruction.”

The woman, identified only as Nicole, sent the letter to the Archaeological Park of Pompeii with two white mosaic tiles, two amphora vase pieces, and a ceramic wall piece, according to CNN.

The letter went on to describe the negativity that has come into her life since the objects have been in her possession. “Bad luck is something that has plagued my family and myself ever since,” she continued. “I am now 36 and have had breast cancer twice, the last time resulting in the double mastectomy. My family and myself have also struggled ever since financially. We can't seem to ever get ahead in life.”

Sitting at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii was destroyed by the volcano’s eruption in 79 CE. The quick-moving lava covered the city in almost 20 feet of ash, preserving much of the ruins below it.

A spokesperson for the historic site told CNN that over the years, about 100 tourists have sent back items they stole, citing bad luck. In fact, they’ve put some of the letters and returned items on display in the Pompeii Antiquarium.

Like the others, Nicole hopes her action will be able to change the course of her life. “We are good people and I don’t want to pass this curse on to my family, my children or myself anymore,” she wrote. “Please forgive my careless act that I did years ago. I really have learned my lesson.”

This isn’t the only kind of bad tourist behavior that has occurred at Pompeii. In 2018, a travel blogger bragged in an Instagram photo about sitting on top of an ancient pillar — an act that is both forbidden and disrespectful.




Air Fryer Acorn Squash-one of my favorite memories of food was Acorn Squash during the winter months. Baked with brown sugar, salt and butter-one of my very favorites.

I tried the recipe this time, but making it in the air fryer. First, I had to cut the squash in half lengthwise. Before we did it around the middle, but that wouldn't sit well in the air fryer. It was tough going, but eventually I got it cut lengthwise. Next, I cleaned out the seeds and fiber inside the squash. The recipe I tried said to oil the outside (the green part) and place cut side down in the air fryer. I used oil spray and that did the trick.

Cook on 325F in the air fryer for 15 minutes.

Then I filled them with 1 tbsp brown sugar and 1 tbsp butter and a little salt. Since I was using Swerve brown sugar with no calories, next time I will use 2 tbsp, I like it a little sweeter. Change the air fryer setting to 380F and cook for an additional 15 minutes and the acorn squash was cooked and ready to eat. Each half was 180 calories with real brown sugar-I'm not sure what mine was, but it sure was good!

Try it you might like it!


Till next time. If you haven't already subscribed, please subscribe-it's free.


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