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New Hobby Travel Ideas-Bats in Caves!

Bats in Caves-Not one that I would have thought of, but my friend Peggy H loves to explore different places with bats in caves. For her, it is very calming and she's not scared at all. In her words "I've been to so many caves all over the world. I love to be in the caves as the bats leave their babies on the ceiling and fly out above me at dusk. Then the caves get quiet after that. Being in caves leaves the hustle bustle of the ordinary world before".

Actually, I got a good response from my readers as to new hobbies for traveling. I have only traveled to one cave with bats in it, in Indonesia. I don't think that's the one for me. Though I have been all over the US to many caves & caverns with my son as he was growing up. Loved that.

The Majestic Elephant-how about countries that have elephant rides! Of course, you would only ride the elephants that are well taken care of. There is actually a zoo in Natural Bridge, VA that offers elephant rides and swears that their elephants love giving the rides and the human contact involved. . Travel to Thailand, Nepal, South Africa, Laos and of course Bali, Indonesia. I was there last fall and had a wonderful experience with my elephant Lucy, made my trip.

Travel to see a Volcano? Now, I don't necessarily plan a trip to see a volcano, but if there is one around, I will definitely plan an excursion to go visit it-active or inactive. I think it's exciting. I have seen volcanoes so far in Costa Rica, Japan and Hawaii.

Star Vista Entertainment offers multiple cruises in the US and Europe from November to March of each year. They charter entire ships with usually up to 21 different musical performers (or groups). I have done this one before-loved it, loved it, loved it.

The Hollies (special appearance 3/31)The ZombiesHerman's Hermits starring Peter NooneThe TurtlesArlo GuthrieThe BuckinghamsThe Grass RootsThe Family StoneCruise Host Peter AsherRare EarthVanilla FudgeThe Classics IVMusic of CreamThe OutsidersThe Fab FourMagic Bus BandHal BruceBritBeatKiss the Sky The Re-Experience: World's Greatest Tribute to Jimi HendrixStrange Days: A Tribute to The DoorsThe NewbeesThe LSB ExperienceJohn JarvisTribute Artists Cara Lee, Tim Stamper and George TrullingerJoe Johnson - Beatle Brunch Radio HostAnd More! This is the line up for 2020. They also have Country Western Cruises, Disco Cruises, Rock & Romance of the 70's & the Soul Train Cruise.

I would love to get a group together for one of these cruises, if there is enough interest!

(And for my Interline friends, sign up at for their newsletter to get exclusive low, low rates, when starvista wants to fill up space leftover).

And finally Batik Making. I have been asked by my reader Anat to include this. I have actually gone to many batik demonstrations in India, Indonesia and Tahiti. Interesting to watch, the methods are pretty much the same in each country with a slight variance.

What hobbies do you use in conjunction with your travel. Let me know.

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