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I have had some great layovers on my job recently and wanted to share these pictures with you and to make you all jealous. This was in Ft. Lauderdale staying on the beach for 22hours. This is not a long blog-just a fun one.

This hotel in Indianapolis is on the site of America's first "Union Station". The facility was built in 1888 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Union Station head house, which now serves as the grand hall & conference center and the hotel, which is uniquely housed in the west train shed. This train station is still an active railroad station with trains passing through the building on a regular schedule. The muffled rumbling subtle vibrations of the trains as they roll through the building. The hotel offers 26 authentic Pullman sleeper train car rooms. Resting on the original train tracks.

I did not get to stay in one this time, but I got to see them and that was just as much fun on an 18 hour layover in Indianapolis.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles, with lunch at El Torrito's in the Fisherman's Village in Marina Del Rey. My old hang out and I had a wonderful lunch. Only 17 hours layover this time.

I want to inspire you to Travel!

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