My First Cruise Since Covid-19, 2020

I've got my first cruise under my belt, after a year and a half of no cruising. Sailing on the Carnival Breeze, August 7-12, 2021. My friend Carmen & I sailed out of Galveston, TX with stops in Cozumel & Progresso (Merida), Mexico.

It was a fabulous trip. I took an Inside Guarantee cabin for us. I love to take guarantees. They don't necessarily upgrade your cabin, but they do give you a better location. In the case of this cabin, we ended up in the center of the ship on Deck 6. Best spot ever. All the action & activities were on Deck 5, so we were fastest to the action.

Our boarding was like any other boarding on cruises. The only difference was the mask wearing. We were only booked to 70% for our cruise. All adults on board were vaccinated. Some children were allowed to be exempted, but no un-vaccinated adults. We did not need a Covid-19 test prior to our departure, but future sailings now require it.

After we checked in, we went to our muster station for individual safety briefings. I liked this much better, quick & fast.

Time for lunch-self service buffet! Masks are still on until you get to your table or by sitting outside. The ice cream machines were in place and again, this was also self-service. I look forward to this ice cream every day on my cruises.

Every cruise, I say I'm going to participate in more activities and there were plenty available throughout the cruise. I'm more of fun in the sun gal!

Vaccinated & un-vaccinated cruisers took separate tours. I have been to Cozumel many times, so this time I went to Mr. Sancho's Beach Club (above). An all-inclusive beach club that you reserve online for $10 per person. Total cost $60 payable per person at the resort-well worth it-great day. In Progresso, I didn't take a tour. Instead, I took the complimentary bus from the pier to town, got an hour massage for $20 and then went and had a cocktail on the beach, before heading back to the cruise ship. Of course, I stocked on pharmaceuticals (Amoxycillin & Z-Packs) while I was in town.

Dinner time-nothing has changed. Everything went really smoothly on this cruise.

My next cruise adventure is coming up very soon. I will be sailing on the American Queen with the American Queen Steamboat Company, September 5-13, 2021. Originally, sailing from New Orleans to Memphis, but due to Hurricane Ida, now sailing round-trip from Memphis. More info to come-stay tuned.



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