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My Cruise from Singapore November 2018

Singapore at Night

Last November my friends and I flew to Singapore and stayed for 3 nights before boarding our cruise on Princess Cruises. On our cruise we had stops in Kuala Lumpur & Penang, Malaysia, Phuket, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia.

This is a Hindu Temple in Johor Bahru, Malayasia, also, known as the Bat Temple.
Siri Subramaniar Temple

This is a Hindu Temple in Johor Bahu, Malaysia, also known as the Bat Temple. Our tour guide promised me, that the 125 steps were not steep, I climbed to the top. Out of breath and now swearing off all temples of 100 steps or more-I am told, I must remove my shoes and walk in the bat dung to view this temple-I decided against this.

Bali, Indonesia Elephant Safari Park

This was the highlight of my trip. A visit to the Elephant Safari Park in the middle of island of Bali. Tina (elephant) and I spent many happy hours together riding and playing.

Cultural Show in Phuket, Thailand

Perhaps, the most disappointing part of my visit. I had been to Phuket 3 years earlier, prior to Typhoon Jenny in 2015. The island still has a lot to rebuild. Just not as pretty and green as it used to be.

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