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MSC Cruise-April 21-May 16, 2021

What a great itinerary and part of my cruise schedule for next year. The only places I've been too on this cruise are Venice and Olympia.

I am not going to be handling the travel arrangements for this though. You need to contact Kathi McGrath of Bucket List Travel to book this. I will be there as a guest and Kathi will be the host.

You can reach Kathi at 443-880-7766. MSC is an European cruise line, that's based in Geneva, Switzerland. I have traveled on them before and they did a wonderful job. The starting price for this is $1350 for an inside cabin, based on 2 to a cabin. Port taxes are $336 per person. Visas will be required for some of the stops. Air will probably be in the $1200 range.

So this would be a wonderful vacation and still a bargain for what you get. Plus if you bring your grandkids along, they are free in the same cabin.

So come join me and my friends. Right now, the deposit is only $49 per person, for as long as it lasts.


In an effort to find new travel ideas, I ran across They have 171 houseboat rentals available from $6 per night in the Netherlands (they are desperate for customers at this point) to $200 per night.

Their destinations include Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Germany, Canada, France, the United States, United Kingdom, the Bahamas, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Spain, Poland and Serbia. Accommodations for 2-24 on these houseboats. I see one of these in my future travels, but I'm just not sure yet where.


Fresh Adventures


Step off the beaten path on a Canadian wilderness tour with Fresh Adventures. Try their guided comfort camping tours in the Rockies and Vancouver Island, or our guided ski safaris along BC's famous Powder Highway. Try surfing on our weekend Tofino tours, or rafting on one of Canada's best rivers on our rafting and camping packages. Whatever your adventure-their genuine Canadian guides have you covered.

I saw this today on Travel Zoo for all you campers out there. I am not a camper, but it still looks like a great trip.

Vancouver Island Adventure Tour

Tour Length: 5 or 6 days/ 4 or 5 nights start/ end location: Pick up from any central Victoria hotel. 5 day option ends in Tofino on day 5, which included shuttle to Nanaimo, Victoria or Vancovuer. Fitness level: They cater to all fitness levels. Food: Gourmet and fresh food prepared by your guide for all diets. Our menu features tons of healthy, local food. All meals are included from pick up to drop off. Accommodation: Comfortable and easy camping as a group with hot showers available most days. Single or double occupancy in high quality 3 or 4 person tents with good sleeping pads. Required Equipment: Sleeping bag (or rent one), your personal clothing plus good walking footwear, towel, bathing suit, daypack, sunscreen, water bottle, sunglasses and camera. Activities: Victoria city tour, daily hiking excursions, Tofino free time and swimming. Optional surfing, Barkley Sound cruise and Tofino ocean excursion.

Right now, the 5-night Tour w/meals is $705 per person-$275 off their regular price. This is the price through Travel Zoo, but I'm sure if you contacted them directly, you could get the same price


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner -Eufy 1300 and it does an excellent job, vacuuming my house. But it does have quite a personality. It is programmed to clean the house every night at 1030pm, but it really only does it when it's in the mood. I can make it clean whenever I want, but if it senses me at home, it follows me everywhere. Plus, it's pretty aggressive-it likes to push things around. I have a wine rack-cast iron, filled with wine bottles and after a few days, it will have been moved 7-8 inches. These things are all true. I just wanted to inject a little humor into this blog.


I hope you enjoyed this blog today. I still want to inspire you to travel. Nobody has paid me to advertise their products (one day, I hope they will).

Valerie Brown

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