I think finding abandoned towns is going to be my new hobby. I find it all very interesting.

Swett, SD

Swett is an unincorporated former town of Bennett County, South Dakota. It was put up for sale as a ghost town in June 2014 for just $250,000, and, as of December 2020, had not found a buyer. Described as a six-acre unincorporated hamlet, Swett consists of an average-size house, a tavern, and a bar that was at one time frequented by pheasant hunters. Locals believe that the tavern is haunted.

Garryowen, MT

History buffs might drool over this one. Garryowen in Montana is the site of the Sioux War's Battle of Little Bighorn. The town was first put on the market for $250,000 in 2012, but an auction in August of that year was canceled after no one registered to bid. Garryowen was founded in 1895 with the construction of a train station. In 1926, a ceremony called "Bury the Hatchet" took place in the town. It involved a peace settlement and was performed and represented by two individuals (from both sides) who survived the Battle of Little Bighorn. A monument was erected for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and this is the only monument of its type to exist outside Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C. The town later built a Conoco gas station and a Subway shop.

Millican, Oregon

Price: $1,499,000 Right off Highway 20 in the center of Oregon lies the ghost town of Millican. Current population is zero, which is down from the single resident the town claimed in 1940.

The 74-acre parcel includes the remnants of the Millican Store, and most of the land is zoned for commercial use. The listing suggests an RV park would be a hit next to a resurrected general store.

Saint Elmo, CO

Price: $89,500

You might need oxygen to bring this ghost town back to life. Located at 9,000 feet in the Gunnison National Forest, the elevation alone might provide a tingling sensation. There's an old mine on this 4-acre parcel, along with remnants of a tram line. We can't promise any valuable gems, but a buyer will surely find a historic hideout.

Helper, UT

Price: $225,000 The former Maple Creek Mine is a scary bargain. A buyer can acquire the 154 acres, including remnants of dozens of buildings and plenty of artifacts on the ground.

"It's wonderfully peaceful," the listing agent told me last week.

Dakota Mountain, Black Hawk, CO

Price: $2,900,000

The price alone will give a fright to plenty of potential buyers.