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Keep Smiling-that's what I keep telling myself!

It's hard for me right now with all this mask business. And even now, for some reason photos that I want to upload are just not cooperating with me.

But back to the mask business. I do believer there was a virus that made it around the world. Unfortunately, I think the media has over gone over the top and has put fear into so many.

And this mask business is undoing me. So I wear the mask for what few errands I have to do, but I'm wearing it incorrectly, like so many others. Really, why wear the mask if you can't wear it the right way, but that is only my opinion. I don't want to get into a debate about all this.

We will see how long it lasts, but right now I am boycotting restaurants. It's my choice and again it has to do with this mask business.

Anyway, I had the best mask to show you, it's a bacon mask, but again I am being defeated by my computer. So no picture. Darn it-though you can see it on Facebook.


This YouTube is about restaurants that I like in Las Vegas, maybe you've tried some of them. Or maybe you haven't and you should. I hope you like it.


This next YouTube video from a series I have just started called Bedtime Stories for Adults. Focusing on the romance of travel through tales and legends. I hope you enjoy these.


One of these days, We are going to start traveling again and I am always asked about travel insurance. Below, is a list of the top Travel Insurance Companies by Consumer Digest. Specifically the easiest to work with and the easiest to get refunds when needed. You may want to make a copy of this for future travel needs.

Also, important Travel Tips to remember: Your passport must be valid for 6 months from date of departure and always remember to keep a copy somewhere in your luggage, just in case it's lost or stolen.

Also, we all use electronics all of the time now, so keep adapters with you and maybe extra battery charges.

Travel Insurance Companies:















Disneyworld reopens July 11 with the Magic Kingdom Parks and Epcot & Hollywood Studios on July 15.

The Us. Virgin Islands are open for business!! Upon arrival, you will be subject to a temperature check.

Jamaica is open for business!! You can now travel to Jamaica, though most hotels are not opening until July 1, 2020. You must have a travel authorization form that you can get at

Aruba is reopening its borders in stages. On July 1, European, Canadian and Caribbean tours will be able to visit. On July 10, that will extend to US Travelers. Aruba is requiring visitors to both complete a health questionnaire and upload negative COVID-19 PCR test results within 72 hours of arriving. Masks are not required, but are requested, where social distancing is difficult.

The Bahamas: the 700 islands that make up the Bahamas will re-open on July 1. All international visitors will be welcome as long as they can show negative COVID-19 results from a test taken within 10 days of arrival. Temperature checks as well. Masks will only be required when social distancing is not an option.


So the good news is travel is starting to open up. Again, I need a vacation from this stay-at-home vacation!!

I hope you enjoy this and I will get better at posting, I promise.

No one has asked me to write about them, just wanderings in my mind, places I am interested in.

Valerie Brown


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