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Join me on a Mississippi River Cruise Jan 31-Feb 7, 2021

What a great deal I got and so can you! $899 for a 9-day Riverboat Cruise and Hotel Stay in New Orleans (plus, $199 port taxes & fees). This deal was offered by TravelZoo, in conjunction with American Queen Steamship Company. It is only available Jan 17, 24, 31 and Feb 7, 2021. I'm going with a friend Jan 31, 2021.

Normally, a $2000 cruise per person, they are starting back Jan 1, 2021 after being shut down for the last 8 months and they want lots of business and good publicity.

This cruise is based on 2 to a cabin, and includes 1 night hotel stay in Memphis or New Orleans (mine starts out of New Orleans and ends up in Memphis), 7-night cruise, with 5 port stops along the Mississippi River, all meals and drinks on board, including beer & wine with dinner, Hop-on, hop-off tours in each port of call, onboard lectures, exclusive events, evening entertainment & free wi-fi.

To book this, ctc the cruise company directly: 888-749-5286, push option 3 and tell the agent this is TravelZoo October 2020 promotion. This is only available til Oct 28 or while space lasts. Come join me!


This Japanese Theme Park Is Offering Rentable Office Space on Its Ferris Wheel

Spend your workday going, quite literally, round and round in circles.

Japan's latest solution to the WFH blues during the pandemic may be the most fun option yet.

Last month, the country opened it's national parks to office workers, installing Wi-Fi hotspots and power strips in the middle of nature. But in case you’re in the market for a more whimsical workplace, a theme park in Japan is now offering remote workers the chance to rent a Ferris wheel gondola and spend your workday going, quite literally, round and round in circles.

Amusement park Yomiuriland announced an “Amusement Workation” package to bring in professionals working remotely.

For $18 per person or $34 per pair (1,900 or 3,600 yen respectively), you can spend the workday at a “work booth” near the theme park’s pool. As part of the package, remote workers receive a table, chairs, Wi-Fi, and outlets for their day. But the most exciting perk is an hour-long reservation on the park’s Ferris wheel — which, yes, is equipped with Wi-Fi.

The packages are available starting Oct. 15 and offer poolside work time from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. When it’s time to clock out, visiting workers can enjoy all that the theme park has to offer, including a botanical garden and haunted house.

The backdrop would certainly be more entertaining than traditional Zoom backgrounds. On a clear day, it is possible to see Mt. Fuji and Tokyo’s skyscrapers from the top of the Ferris wheel.

Visitors will have to obey new health and safety rules due to the pandemic. Masks are required when it’s not possible to maintain social distancing, according to the park’s website, and some attractions or shops may be closed.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 30 Japanese theme parks have asked visitors to refrain from screaming onboard roller coasters to avoid potential contamination between passengers.


Keri Crater Lake in Iceland is known as "The Eye of the World"


How Often Should You Wash Your Towels?

There's nothing worse than reaching for a clean, soft towel after a shower only to find a damp, smelly one. But over-washing your towels can actually break down the fibers and make them stiff and less absorbent over time—rendering "clean" linens not-so-sanitary. We talked with Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd, the co-founders of The Laundress, to find out how often we really need to wash our towels, and how we can take care of them so they stay absorbent and fluffy.

"Moist towels make for ideal breeding grounds for bacteria so we recommend washing them after three to four uses," Whiting says. As for how these experts wash their own bath linens? Their approach begins with pretreating stains with a few drops of The Laundress Stain Solution  and a sprinkle of their All-Purpose Bleach Alternative; when used together, they make a powerful paste.

Related: How to Wash Your Towels

Then, they use their stain brush to work the mixture into the fabric. "If the towel has a musty odor, pre-soak it in hot water with a quarter cup of The Laundress Scented Vinegar ($12, for up to 30 minutes," Whiting adds. Launder your towels on a hot cycle on their own, separating them from your day-to-day laundry—or, wash them with similar items, like sheets. "Add the appropriate amount of The Laundress Signature Detergent ($20.50, for the load size, but be sure not to add more than recommended," says Whiting. "Too much detergent can leave a stiff, soapy residue."

Boyd recommends shaking your towels out before you add them to the dryer. "If you throw bunched up towels into the dryer, it will delay dry time and can lead to stubborn creases," she says. "Dry towels on high with The Laundress Wool Dryer Balls ($18, to fluff and smooth wrinkles." Boyd also warns against using fabric softeners or dryer sheets since they coat fibers and reduce absorbency over time. "If you must use fabric softener, use it every other wash," she suggests.

This is great advice, that I plan on using. You should too.


Short but sweet today. Lots of new info to take in. Come join me on the Mississippi Cruise. It's going to be so much fun!

Till next time-Val

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