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Interesting Hobbies for Traveling!

Trying to think of something different to do next time you travel? In addition, to your tours and sightseeing, bring a hobby into it. My last cruise, we met a couple who have been life long avid birders, recording every bird, every vacation, they've taken for the last 30 years. On the cruise over a two-week period, they logged in over 300 birds. Who would have thought there would be that many birds over the Pacific Ocean, but there was.

Or how about Genealogy. Has your family tree ever been done? Above is a good place to start the hunt for your family. Then make the travel plans for a fun and interesting tour of your family's history. Who knows who you will dig up (pun intended).

My sister, Donna takes at least one Food & Wine Tour every year. Not for me, I'm too picky an eater, but she loves it. She has taken them in different parts of Italy & France. Are you a Foodie? Maybe this will become your new travel hobby.

Jazz Festivals-When we were in Rome during the summer, I met a woman from Australia, who was by herself and she was in town for a jazz festival. This is her travel hobby. She travels all over the world to different jazz festivals and then experiences the city as well. I admire that so much. Get some ideas for your next musical experience.

More on hobby traveling as I get some new ideas. Tell me your travel hobby and what you've done.

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