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Could this news BE any greater? Matthew Perry announced via Instagram that he has launched a Chandler Bing-inspired merchandise line just in time for the holidays. Perry and his fiancé Molly Hurwitz modeled the merch in, of course, hilarious fashion, and we'll take one of everything. Thanks. And what's even better is that the money made from his Bing line will go to the World Health Organization.

"What is this, a limited edition t-shirt for charity?" Perry captioned his first announcement post. "For two weeks only, I'm releasing an apparel collection! Proceeds will support the World Health Organization's COVID 19 relief efforts. Link in bio. Banana not included."

The t-shirt Perry is sporting, literally called the "Could this BE any more of a t-shirt?" shirt is available in black, white, and two blue shades, and retails for $26.99. He's also selling hoodies with the same design for $44.99.


Jim Beam Wants to Turn Your Yard Into a Socially Distant Bar With Giant Snow Globes and a Bartender

Jim Beam is about to make your driveway the coolest one on the block this holiday season.

The company announced its newest offering, the one-of-a-kind “Beam Snow Globe” experience, which will allow a small group of friends and family to sip a cocktail together in the perfect social distance setting,

According to the company, it will come to your home this season to set up a unique snow globe experience for a night in your front yard, backyard, or driveway so you can party with your loved ones in style.

The setup includes three individual, enlarged “snow globe” domes (with seating for one to two people in each), which each come decorated with elements inspired by the company’s iconic American Stillhouse in Clermont, Kentucky.

Beyond the domes, the experience will also come with a physically distant, licensed bartender to craft classic bourbon cocktails (guests must provide their own bottle of Jim Beam, and there will be a limit of two cocktails per guest).

The domes also come kitted with a high-quality speaker system so guests can safely communicate dome to dome with their fellow revelers. Glassware, bar tools, mixers, seating, and heaters are included as needed.

So, how can you get in on the fun? Well, you better be ready to act fast. On Dec. 10, shortly after 12 p.m. EST, the snow globe experience will be made available to fans of the brand who are 21 years old or older on the Jim Beam e-Store. All it will set back the lucky person who snags it is $17.95, which represents the year the Beam family first distilled bourbon. “Here at Jim Beam, we’re all about bringing people together safely and responsibly over a glass of bourbon,” Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s seventh-generation master distiller, shared in a statement. “While we wish we could welcome folks to the Jim Beam American Stillhouse for the holidays this year, instead we’re bringing the spirit of Kentucky to a few bourbon lovers with this unique ‘Beam Snow Globe’ experience and some bourbon cocktails.” The recipient will be sent an email with proof of purchase, followed by an email from a Jim Beam representative to schedule the day and time of the experience, which will be available any time from Dec. 17 to 22 (subject to local conditions and protocols). Those interested in learning more about the experience should follow Jim Beam on Twitter now.


You Can Volunteer to Raise an Adorable Puppy Until It's Ready for Service Dog Training

Do you love dogs and want to do a bit of good for the world at the same time? Now’s your time to shine. Southeastern Guide Dogs, a non-profit organization that trains dogs to assist veterans and those with disabilities, is looking for a few willing volunteers to raise puppies for 12-18 months. Here’s how it works: The organization gives you a puppy to take home with you, which you will love and raise over the next year. All you need to do is “provide a loving base where the puppy can learn good house manners and basic obedience,” the organization notes. That’s it. Seriously. The organization will do the rest. The organization explains on its site, for any volunteer puppy raisers living near one of their groups in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, and Tennessee, it will “surround you with a supportive team and teach you how to raise a future guide or service dog.” The local groups meet twice a month. But, for those outside the areas, you’ll meet virtually with a Southeastern Guide Dogs regional manager using Zoom for one-on-one learning sessions, whenever works best for you. “You may also be asked to record and send videos demonstrating your puppy’s skills, so you should be comfortable using technology as a communication tool,” the group said. (Remote puppy raisers may also be asked to attend local dog obedience classes.) When the time is up, volunteers will have to give the puppies back, but they will do so with the knowledge that those dogs will go on to get the in-depth training they need to become a certified service or therapy dog, and then go on to help someone who truly needs them. To qualify to become a volunteer puppy raiser, you must be 18 years old, be able to financially support a puppy (the organization takes care of vet bills but you take care of the rest), be able to travel to Florida to pick up the pup, have a safe home environment, and be able to take the dog everywhere with you over the next year. Oh, and be willing to give plenty of belly rubs. Ready for a pup? See all the FAQs and apply here.


Emotional Support Animals No Longer Guaranteed the Right to Fly

The rules for boarding flights with your emotional support animal just got a bit stricter.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced Wednesday that it will no longer consider emotional support animals to be service animals, allowing airlines to potentially ban them from the cabin if they do not fit established rules for pets.

The DOT’s Airline Carrier Access Act (ACAA) now strictly defines a service animal as a “dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability.”

That disability can include, “physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability.”

hose traveling with a service animal will be required to complete a form 48 hours before boarding, attesting that the animal has been trained and has good behavior and good health. Passengers may be limited to no more than two service animals.

The policy will go into effect 30 days after it is published in the Federal Register, which has not yet happened.

With the new DOT ruling, airlines are not allowed to ban a specific breed of dog as a service animal. However, the service animal must be able to “fit within its handler’s foot space on the aircraft,” which could severely limit which breeds are allowed onboard. The animals must remain harnessed, leashed or tethered at all time while onboard.

The ruling will allow airlines to consider emotional support animals as pets, rather than service animals, and they will be subject to the airline's in-cabin rules for pets.

Previous DOT guidance did not permit airlines to restrict passengers from traveling with emotional support animals and they could not ban a specific breed or a species. Animals like cats, rabbits, and even squirrels have been brought on board as emotional support.

For the past few years, airlines have been cracking down on which animals are allowed onboard. In 2018, United barred a peacock from flying, instating new rules that emotional support animals must have paperwork showing their training.





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