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It's been a long time since I've written my blog. For so long, I ran out of things to say. Nothing was going on anywhere and I was lost. Well, Covid isn't over yet, but at least travel is starting.

My travel schedule is coming along: In August, I am going on a 6 day Carnival Cruise with Maria Carmen from Galveston to Mexico.

In September, I am going on the American Queen with American Queen Steamboat Company from New Orleans for 8 days up the Mississippi River to Memphis. This was the trip I was supposed to take last January. There have been some room mix-ups along the way, but I'm looking forward to this trip. I did this trip 30 years ago with my mother and it was so much fun. I was originally going with a friend and then I was a single, but they honored the original price of $1000 and gave me a teeny, tiny inside cabin, that would have still cost $3400 as a single. Then they upgraded my room to an Outside Deluxe Verandah which turned out to be a mistake (it was supposed to be a deluxe inside cabin), but fixed the problem by giving a Deluxe Outside Cabin with a Bay Window, that would cost anyone else $4200 per person. I'm happy with the end results. Plus, my package includes a night before in the French Quarter.

In October, I am double booked. First a tour to Cairo, Egypt and 3 days on the Luxor River-total 9 days. I know I was in Luxor 2 years ago, but I haven't been to Cairo in over 30 years, probably my last trip to Egypt.

Then in late October, I am going to Poland for a 9-day tour. I have never been to Poland and looking forward to it.

In November and December, I am going on a 4-day cruise from Los Angeles to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. Because I can.

Late November, I have a cruise with Princess that I think I am going to change.

In January, I have a Bahamas cruise for 5 days.

In February, I have a cruise with MSC from Spain through France & Italy.

And in March a 9-day tour to Morocco.

So I really am keeping busy with travel, as long as Covid stays in line.

My health is good, but for the last few months, I have had trouble lifting my left arm. I thought it was related to stress-silly me. Just found out today, that I had fractured my arm, but it is 70% healed now.


Pennsylvania's Ice Cream Trail Includes 31 Stops Across the State

Here's the scoop: The sweetest road trip this summer just might be along Pennsylvania's ice cream trail. For the fourth year, the state is shining a spotlight on its small local businesses and farms by highlighting its best creameries.

This year's Pursue Your Scoops Ice Cream Trail includes three separate routes through western, south central, and eastern Pennsylvania, showcasing the most amazing cool treats that the Keystone State has to offer.

Among the western Pennsylvania highlights are Kerber's Dairy in North Huntingdon, which serves up 40 flavors each day of the 165 it makes per year, and Penn State Berkey Creamery in University Park, where the 12-step scientific process from cow to cone starts with a herd of 200 Holstein cows.

The south central area features Hall's Ice Cream in Millerstown, which makes their product in 10-gallon micro batches, and The Milkhouse at Oregon Dairy in Lititz, which offers new ice cream flights (yes, similar to a wine flight, but with scoops).

Over on the eastern route, there's Merrymead Farm in Lansdale, which is managed by the fifth generation of the Rothenberger family and serves up 32 flavors of hand-dipped ice cream, while the The Lands at Hillside Farms is located on 400 acres in Shavertown and offers farm-based educational programming.


That's all for today, but I will be doing blogs on a regular basis again. Everyone Take Care-Wear that Awful Mask.


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