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I'm looking forward to Halloween this year with a big party planned. I have made costumes optional, since we wear a mask all of the time anyway. Instead, this will be a foodie event with small prizes for the scariest and most creative Halloween style food. If you are in the neighborhood and want to come, send me a message. October 31, 2020-6-9pm. I will also have outdoor games planned, so everyone can have some personal space-small prizes for those games as well!

Still hating the mask, more now than ever. But, I wear it when required. The mask business has divided so many people that I know. The ones that want to wear it are as adamant as the ones that don't. As I have been told by many people and I think this is true also, healthy people should not be forced to wear a mask. I have been asked many times by people in my meetup groups if any of my members ever got Covid-19. I can honestly say no. None of my members have gotten that virus. I did have 1 friend who got it and survived, but she is not a member of any of my meetups.


Next up-my Keto Philly Cheesesteak Video on YouTube-this is fabulous. I served it at a party the other night and people kept going back for more, until there was no more. Plus, I found a new pita bread at Sprouts-Toufayan that's pretty low carb and I have made sandwiches with the Keto Philly Cheesesteak. Now, I can have a Philly Cheesesteak fix every week-Yay!


Podcasts are something I plan to do in the future: So I'm saving this article here, so I can find it later. Have you ever considered doing a podcast? It's kind of like having your own Radio Station.


I'm always looking for new opportunities: these may not be it, but I love how creative people are coming. Especially, those that are being forced to stay home now, due to health reasons or small children.


Sur La Table is back and starting gourmet cooking classes again! Starting October 16, 2020 Sur La Table is starting cooking classes again at 12pm and 4pm daily. They have a complete schedule online and space is limited to 8 per class. They also have a complete schedule of online cooking classes available too.

Sur La Table at Downtown Summerlin. Sur La Table has spent more than 40 years establishing itself as a respected resource for chefs, cooks, and bakers of all levels. Known first and foremost for its high-quality retail offerings, Sur La Table also offers cooking classes around the country, including Las Vegas, Nevada, for established chefs and home cooks of all levels, incorporating fun date-night couples cooking classes as well.


And now a word from our sponsor-Me Christmas is coming and I'm going to start putting out some fun ideas of things to get for your loved ones for Christmas. I am now an Amazon Affiliate, which means I get paid about 20 cents per item, if you click on and use my links. There's going to be lots of gift card buying this year. I don't think people will be out and about as much. So get your gift cards through Amazon through me and those 20 cents will start to add up.

The Drinkworks Home Bar prepares perfectly crafted cocktails, brews and more at the push of a button. With innovative on-board chilling and carbonation systems—plus a wide selection of Pods filled with premium spirits and natural flavors—you can enjoy your favorite bar-quality drinks in under a minute.

I have a friend that has one and it is so much fun!


A Suitcase You Don’t Need to Unpack

The Carry-on Closet

Unpacking and repacking is a hassle, especially if you’re traveling for business. But what if you could bring a closet with you? That’s the idea behind the Carry-on Closet from Solgaard Design ($199). Outside, it looks like a normal roll-aboard. But inside is a flexible set of shelves that keep clothes -organized—and -compressed—-during travel and, once travelers reach their destination, can be taken out to hang. (The system can also be removed entirely.) “When you’re really pressed for time, any way to keep your stuff tidy when you’re on the go is super helpful,” says Adrian Solgaard, founder and CEO of Solgaard Design, who adds that he’s selling the Carry-on Closet as fast as he can order new units.

I will get one of these one day!


Well, it happened again. 3 more cruises cancelled for November, December and January with Carnival Cruise Lines. I have been such a good sport about this, rebooking and rebooking and rebooking cruise after cruise.

When your cruise is cancelled-your options have been (at least with Carnival) either to rebook a future cruise and receive $300-600 onboard credit. Or you can get a full refund.

Carnival is operating on a limited schedule in November and December, but only out of Port Canaveral (Orlando) and Miami. My cruises were from San Diego and New Orleans.

They are only offering limited excursions stops too-mostly in the Bahamas, Key West & the Dominican Republic.

I requested the full refund-they have held onto my money long enough. Plus, the limited cruises they are offering, now are top dollar. I'm not paying top dollar. Hopefully my cruises starting up in February will be operating.

I also have a future credit with Windstar Cruises. Refunds at this time are not offered. They are holding onto their money for now.

It's been a tough year for the Cruise Industry.


That's it for today. Till next time!

Val Brown


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