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Up first is a video I did about MURDER MYSTERY WEEKENDS in the US and England. Something new & interesting to do. In fact one of the ones in England will have Chef Gordon Ramsay participating. I hope you enjoy it.


I don't usually recommend books, but this book was the first in a long time that really caught my interest and I thought you might like it. I got mine from the library, but you can also get it in bookstores and Amazon.

After I finished reading the book, I sent a note to the author telling him how much I enjoy it and I couldn't wait for his next book.

What a surprise-he sent me a nice note and thanked me for liking his book, but no plans in the future for the next book-he said he was too busy.

Busy, who is this man? He is the co-inventor of the Norton Anti-Virus used all over the world. And now a design engineer at the Lyft Level 5 Autonomy (aka self-driving automobiles). Wow, now even more impressed.


I have a new YouTube Series called Ramblings with Val (can be found on Travel Adventures with Valerie Brown): watch them you may get your laugh of the day from these. I have help with my other YouTube Videos, but these are my practice videos that I am filming and learning to edit. My start up help was with Ranae Koyamatsu-thanks for the help.

Also, I have been asked to start filming a few cooking videos, so look for those

in the upcoming weeks. Probably will be based on keto foods, as I struggle to lose weight.

Ramblings with Val-Vlog 1:

Ramblings with Val-Vlog 2:

Ramblings with Val-Vlog 3:



Watch my Bedtime Stories for Adults for new info on this topic. It's very interesting.


Spirit of Scotland: Still in the planning stages, but I am planning on going to Scotland next August for 8 days and I may bring a few people with me (not more than 12-including me). This will not be your typical Scotland trip, visiting distilleries or golfing-you can do that later on your own or after my trip ends. We willl start in Glasgow and end up in Edinburgh, using the Scottish Rail with stops in Dundee, Arbroath, Elgin and Dunblane.

If you are interested in this, please send me an email:


My poor middle toe on my right foot is broken again. This has happened way too many times and each time it shrinks more and more. Pretty soon, it will be smaller than my baby toe. What can you do-tape it up. That's about it. I knew you would all be interested in this info.


And lastly, I bought a new Air Fryer-I wanted to see what all this fuss is about. Friends swear by it. I thought I would have tried a new recipe by today, but I have run out of time. Next blog.

Also, many of my subscribers (not all) live in Las Vegas. Do you know that I have 2 Meetups. Meetups are a great way to meet new friends. I have a free Meetup: Travel, Fun & Food-lots of activities in the Las Vegas Area & 40+Travel, Tours & Cruises-which has an annual fee of $10-with this meetup, we meet monthly for happy hours (most recently in my home-since bars are closed) and this is an opportunity to meet new Travel Partners or to share travel stories. Join one, Join both.

See you soon.

Valerie Brown


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