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Dublin, Ireland-Here. We Come! Jan 11-16, 2020

You missed it! But there’s still time to join us on our independent vacation to Dublin, Ireland Jan 11-17, 2020. But now the price has gone up. The new price is $827.08 and full payment at time of booking, as a single for this fun trip. This trip starts out of Los Angeles, so you will need to catch a ride there first. Then we will fly non-stop to London on British Airways, connecting onto another BA flight to Dublin. This is an Independent tour offered by Gate 1 Travel. Which includes 4 nights hotel stay in Dublin with breakfast daily. Our only plans so far, include purchasing a hop-on/hop off

bus pass for 3 or 4 days and there are 32 stops included. Lots of sightseeing to do. Finally back to the US on American Airlines through Philadelphia to Los Angeles. Come join the fun.

This tour for a slightly different price is also offered from Boston, New York & Chicago. Come meet us in Dublin.

The above picture is the Temple Bar in Dublin.

Now, keep in mind, this is January and it's going to be "cold"! I'm bringing my parka, just to guarantee that I won't freeze, but I'm doing something fun, exciting and relatively inexpensive. Come join me. 702-981-0445.


Taking a Bath can help you lose Weight!

A new study says taking a bath burns up as many calories as a 30-minute walk.


What souvenirs do you collect?

Let me know what souvenirs you collect. I have traveled so much and bought so much over the years, that I rarely take anything home with me, but I do still collect a few things: a pair of socks from each country (practical) & sometimes a unique piece of jewelry (frivolous).


Uber in Europe-new news!

I thought this was an interesting piece of news to pass on. I know of many people who use Uber, through PayPal, instead of having a credit card on file. But Uber does not recognize PayPal in Europe or throughout the world. There have been many trips, where I got stuck putting the Uber ride on my MasterCard, because I was the only one in the group, who had a CC on file. So, if you're counting on Uber to be your designated driver-put that CC on file. Also note, that Uber is not allowed in Japan (learned that on my last trip).


Speaking of Transportation!

I'm talking about GPS. I have an iPhone, so I don't know about Smart Phones. First, you need to know that you need Internet for this, so plan some kind of plan, before you go overseas. I'm with T-Mobile and I have internet all over the world and free calls mostly all over the world. And of course, free texting around the world.

I am bringing this up, because not only does it offer car assistance while you travel, but also walking assistance and local bus transportation. I haven't used the bus transportation yet, but thank goodness, I had it in Rome recently. We were out walking, got lost and turned on the walking app and we finally found our way home. We were way out of our way.

In Cape Town, South Africa, we got lost and none of us had the hotel's address with us, plus we were staying at a local hotel (not well known, but very nice). We drove around Cape Town for about 45 minutes asking strangers if they knew where our hotel was, until I finally remembered the GPS and turned it on and we were at the hotel 5 minutes later.


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