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Depressed-It's Time to Take a Trip!

Travel is the best thing for getting you out of your funk!

Today, I was in a funk. Left with a house to clean after a big party the night before-all I wanted to do was nothing! Finally, I talked myself into going to the Bellagio and the Wynn on the Las Vegas Strip to view the Christmas lights and it was beautiful-so worth seeing.

Travel is good for the soul, even if it's a little day trip. Remember that.

But I want you to take longer trips than above. Taking weekend trips, week-long or longer removes you from your environment and provides a sense of relief, where the mind is free to help you tune into yourself. Listen to what you need-traveling can do that for you.

Easy trips to take to feed your soul: hiking, laying out on the beach listening to your favorite music or the sound of rolling waves. Driving relaxes me-sometimes I go out driving for a couple of hours. Travel allows you to do what you want on your own time. Relax and figure out what truly makes you happy. The best time of reflection and decision making is when we're free of stress.


Travel releases you from your obligations. You can do whatever you want without judgement. Curl up in a hotel room with a book. Go for a walk, start a new hobby birding.

One of the biggest challenges of depression is having the energy and/or motivation to continue to keep moving. Doesn't it feel like cement blocks on your feet sometimes, but when you travel, your feet become as light as a feather.


Traveling Opens Up Unique Situations.

Traveling Teaches You What’s Possible.

Getting Out And Meeting People Helps Overcome Depression.

Traveling Helps You See The Big Picture.

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