Day7-Another Day at Sea!

Forgot to include these photos of the dune buggy adventure. We look like a couple of refuges from Hogan's Heroes. So much fun.


A Lazy Day at Sea!

I have to say that I'm embarrassed because I did so little yesterday. Got up very late-not out the door until 10:30Am. Had an early lunch in the dining room, fell asleep on a deck chair on Deck 7. I did some writing, listened to music, watched a movie out by the pool. Lazy day for me.

And of course, we couldn't miss our happy hour in the Vista Gaming Room. Many are envious of us. (as they should be)

We have switched dining rooms and are now eating in the Concerto dining room, where the servers actually have had training and know what to do.


Day 8-Dravuni-our first Fiji Island

First look of Dravuni, as we pull up in our tenders. Dravuni has no vehicles on the island, no department stores, no cinemas. On Dravuni, white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and a small "inland peak"(quite a trek) to complete the picture of an idyllic island paradise.

About 200 people live on Dravuni.



Though there are no vehicles on the island, there are plenty of boats and we were able to get a boat tour around the island-about a 30 minute ride. Terrible picture of me, but also featured is my sister, Donna and Cindy & Connie from our group.


The local men were kind enough to perform local songs for the visitors from Princess Cruises.


Primary School on island

Their youngest class-kindergarten. We arrived during break time, where they were given candy and sodas. All very well behaved children.


Another island in the Fiji, surrounded by the Great Astrolabe Reef, a curving stretch of ribbon reef that edges the north-eastern islands in the Kadavu Group, with all of the islands, the total population is only 12,000.

"Bula", is a multi-purpose Fijian greeting and welcome rolled into one word


The evening was filled with fun activities, but no dinner. I saw another Australian comedian, Ivor Richards-this was the second time he performed and then the headliner on board Patrick McMahon. Dinner was an afterthought, so I had late room service.

I hope I have inspired you to travel.

Valerie Brown


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