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As I promised, Day 5 is continued. After breakfast this morning, I went to the Tuscan Grill for a class on How to Make the Perfect Steak. The chef from this steakhouse gave many interesting tips as he grilled and pan fried prime steaks. First, the ship only uses salt & pepper on their steaks, because of so many food allergies these days. No marinades either. And frying steaks only with vegetable oil. If you’re cooking medium well steaks, cook steaks to 125 with a meat thermometer medium rare and then place in a oven of 180 for 10 minutes more to get a medium well steak, still full of juice and flavor.

Also, a prime rib roast should be cooked for 3 1/2 hours at 180F-I’m going to try this for Christmas.

After this I had to run upstairs and get ready for the Captain‘s Club Celebration. This is Ashisd our waiter.

New friend Trudy, with United Airlines in Washington DC.

Our Captain and his crew-amazingly his 2nd on command is Maria from Italy-the short blonde.

Me and the Captain.

As a Select Club member with Celebrity Cruises, these are some of the extra activities planned.

My friend Abe, not my boyfriend, but my Travel Companion on this cruise. We have taken other trips together. He will be coming on the Fiji Island Cruise in January.

Time for lunch with new friends. David from Australia , Abe,me,Cheryl from Yonkers, Fred from Las Vegas and Liz. from Philadelphia (with American Airlines).

Time now to see a comedy matinee and violinist. Our day isn’t even half over.

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