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Day 9-At Sea

I should never do selfies! Anyway this is my room steward Sydney. He keeps everything neat & clean for me.

Today started out sunny and just a little cool With no rain. I was even able to have breakfast on the back patio area. But as the morning went on, the Captain saw a storm coming upon our path and diverted us to another way-raining and cold again.

Today, we could go out on the open decks, but no high heels. As if.

I attended the first of two parts of a

Marilyn Monroe presentation. Very well done. After that, I meandered through the art gallery and the casino.

I don’t plan on buying art this trip.

I have contributed $60 to this place. While in the casino, just visiting of course, I ran into one of my dining room companions from dinner and we headed off to lunch to meet new friends in the dining room.

Then after a fairly rushed lunch off to a magic show Matinee.

Tonight, Abe and I are going to a fancy dress cocktail party before dinner. Life is good!

Free NYC Activities

Tour the Federal Bank Of New York’s Bank Vault. A little known , but fascinating attraction lies in the Financial District Federal Bank Of New York: more than 6,500 tons of gold. The building dates back to the 1920’s and much of the Gold arrived after WWII. Anyone can sign up for a free tour of the Gold vault on weekday afternoons.

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