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Day 7 or Day 8-we lost Friday the 13th

Crossing the International Date Line, we are really Day 8 now.

Horrible picture of me, but here are our dining room staff. Ulu on the right, our main server and Bai his assistant on the left. They are both very patient with our table, which has become very loud, but a lot of fun. Everyone has so much to share each night at dinner. The maitre ‘d spends a lot of time with us also. Poor woman. Abe had asked for sprinkles on his ice cream and the maitre d’ brought 2 big bowls to Abe. Chocolate & rainbow sprinkles.

The weather is once again very rough and rainy. No one is allowed on the open deck again. I was out earlier and the sounds were very strange-lots of whistling & whirling sounds.

Today was my day of rest. Caught up on my book reading. Not a lot of activities that I was interested in.

Free Activities in New York!

The East River Ferry which is a great way to sightsee and go from Lower Manhattan toBrooklyn costs $4 midweek and $6 on the weekend, but The Staten Island Ferry is free every day.

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