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Day 6-The Bering Sea, not the Bering Strait

Today, the waves have been rocking and rolling. No icebergs in sight. We have been told not to go on the open decks. I haven’t heard of anyone seasick-yet! (Or falling overboar).

I understand this area is where The Deadliest Catch is filmed.

There have been numerous pods of whales going by-unfortunately, I missed them all. We spend hours looking out the window for the whales and I still miss them.

While missing the whale sightings, I have been quite busy. I learned how to decorate a cake and now realized I will probably never do this myself. Very tedious work-no patience for it.

I also attended a Wine Tasting today, as you can see by the picture above. I saw a movie today as well in the Theater “The Impossible Trip”-an Australian movie based on 1family caught in the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. It was very good.

The food here on board is wonderful, but I have had my fill of carbs and it’s back to the Keto diet tomorrow. I can have NY Strip Steak here every night if I want and they are small, but very tasty. Plus a different sugar-free ice cream every night.

Annoying but true, every night for 9 nights, we have to turn back the clocks one hour. They say it will help us all adjust better with the time change, when we reach Japan.

Something New!

Every time I write a new blog, I’m going to post free things to do in New York City. Write them down for your next trip to the big Apple!

The Museum offers free entrance every Friday from 4-8 pm (usually a $25 admission fee). The Sculpture Garden is free every morning from 930-10 am.

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