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Day 4-Somewhere in Alaska-I’m not sure where

I thought this picture was appropriate. I took this last year in Juneau, AK and I just attended a lecture on whales. Some very good arguments were made that whale watching brings in more money in tourism than killing the whales for food. Something to think about. As we travel further out to sea, all the best window spots are taken as people look anxiously for whale sightings (I have a choice spot).

Ann Harris (one of my agents) has a cruise to Alaska next May. Text her at 989-488-7644 for more information. Round-trip from Seattle.

They are customer service problem solvers on Celebrity and I appreciate it.

On my first day at dinner, I requested homemade pretzels. My first Celebrity cruise made them for me and now I want them every time. This is not made for everyone (though it should be), just me and my dinner companions every night.

i also have had issues with their classic beverage package that I purchased-their wines are horrible. But the beverage manager has corrected the problem and is now being bringing me premium red wines for dinner. Thank goodness.

Last night, I switched to rye & Diet Coke (couldn’t take the horrbile wines anymore)and got very inebriated . I can hold my wine, not mixed drinks.

Our dining table has expanded to 8 now. Charlotte from Birmingham, England, Randy from Toronto and Izzy & Sally from Daytona Beach. Pictures to come.

What is your next Travel Adventure? Mine is to Ecuador & the Amazon River next month.

Still room on my Fiji Island Cruise from Sydney in January in 2020. There are 12 of us now. Come join us. Text me at+17029810445 if you want to com.

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