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Day 3-Another Day at Sea

Another day at sea and I'm finally starting to relax. This day was filled with lots of food choices, entertainment and a Captain's Welcome Aboard Party.


I attended a culinary demonstration in the Princess Live Theater that was televised for future Princess advertising. They featured the chefs from the new Chinese Restaurant-Harmony and the Crown Grill, which has been on Princess for years.

I am not a big Chinese food eater, but after watching the beef dish being made, I think I will give it a try. The chef made the dish from scratch and it took him 6 minutes, but he said in reality, most dishes are prepared in 4 minutes, because everything is prepped earlier in the day.

From the Crown Grill, they made a couple of small plates. The Crown Grill features the best in steaks. Both restaurants are extra charges on board, but it's okay once in awhile. They cost $29 for the Harmony & the Crown Grill costing $35-this includes the gratuity as well, with numerous choices from appetizers to soups to salads to many entrees to desserts for both.


This is an interior shot of the Piazza, which is on levels 5, 6 & 7. I thought this was an interesting picture. Can't believe that there weren't any people on the marble starcase.


No pizza on the buffet. So we came to Alfredo's Pizzeria for lunch. This is included in the price of the cruise-an altertentaive dining optiion. With my sister, Donna for lunch. They had 13 different pizzas available as well as pastas and desserts, but sadly no salads (I tried). Wonderful pizza, we will be back.


Production Show: Fantastic Journey. Because there are so many passengers on board (3600) they offered 3 performances of this, 2 the night before and 1 matinee today, which I attended.

As always, I loved the costumes, loved the sets-I am always so impressed with the Princess Production shows in regards to the costumes and sets and this time was no different. The show was good. The Boy Band act was probably the best act in this show. The high wire act were good, but becoming very commonplace with doing the same things. It was overall a good show, not a great show.

Also, though we are on the cruise 14 days, only 4 Production Shows will be done. It makes you wonder what the theater staff does on the other 10 days.


After an early evening of listening to the various musical performers, which are all over the ship, we went to the Captain's Welcome Aboard Party, dressed in our finest. Meet Stanly K. Bear the ship's mascot-my date for the evening. A little chubby, but what a listener. I could have talked to him for hours.

From there we went to dinner in the Symphony dining room. Another dinner gone wrong for some of my group. I feel like all of the waiters in this dining room are training to be a server for the first time. We are planning on trying another dining room in search for better staff.

I saw another show of the comedian, Mike Harris. Looking for any jokes that I can steal (didn't find any). Sat with new friends and enjoyed his new act.


So I hope after reading this I have inspired you to take a cruise or tour somewhere new. Look for a new blog tomorrow-first day in port-Noumea, New Caledonia.

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Valerie Brown

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