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Day 2 of my cruise-Foggy Day

Today it’s foggy sailing. Not much to see out the window, but plenty of activities to do, as you can see by above.

Started my day, deciding not to do the Keto diet for 2 weeks, But instead I’m using the revival-u hot chocolate. It’s kind of like a diet pill , but placed in sugar free hot chocolate. approved by my doctor and definitely cutting back my appetite.. The Keto diet is great for me, but too many temptations here-I will be good again when I get home.

Played hand and foot for a couple of hours with new friends and then onto a Solo traveler lunch, where 25 people actually showed up.

We even had a couple of guys in there 20’s show up. Very interesting group. My friend Abe and I are traveling together, but separately is in the 2nd picture on the right.

There is too much to do and Abe and I have missed a couple of lectures we wanted to attend.

Tomorrow, Sitka, ALASKA

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