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Day 2-At Sea with Princess

This was a leisurely day for me. I got to sleep in-finally. Having breakfast off the back deck, my favorite place to hang out. The weather is wonderful, lots of tropical breezes, not too hot.

My day was filled, but it didn't seem like I accomplished a lot. On a cruise ship, your life revolves around food. Lunch at the Concerto dining room with my sister. Limited menu for me, but everyone else loved it. Later in the day, when I wanted a slice of pizza, I was saved from having it. Ha Ha. Instead of having a pizzeria in the buffet, they have a sit-down pizzeria. So you have to have a whole small personalized pizza, instead of a slice. The buffet is planned very well, with something for everyone, but I heard the big dessert eaters complain, there wasn't enough sweets for them. That's not a problem for me. Dinner on the other hand was hilarious last night. We had a very nice man from Romania serving us, but this was his first time and he had no idea what he was doing. Very easily distracted, but he got the job done, eventually.


I am taking ukulele lessons onboard. I know where the C chord is and how to do an ending that goes cha cha cha, but that's about it. 2 more members of my group are doing it as well. The men in the class have had no problem picking up the chords, because most of them played the guitar at one point or another in their life.


Bingo-lost all my money. Very expensive. If I had won, of course it would all be different, but I didn't-so no more for me. It was like watching grass grow, it took way too long.

I've also been to the casino. I think that was my first and last time. We have enough casinos in Las Vegas to lose my money at.


Me and the on-board comedian Mike Harris, a 79-year old man who is still doing comedy and being paid for it-there's hope for me yet. He is a comedian from Australia and travels all over Australia doing comedy-loves to tell long stories with jokes. Will see his new act tomorrow.

Also, I have a comedy showcase on Feb 19, 2020, if you are in Las Vegas, its at Rick's Rollin Barbecque at 725 S. Las Vegas Blvd in Las Vegas. It's at 8[m, come join the fun.


My stateroom or my mini-suite as they call it. The differences: a little more space, 2 tv's, a curtain that separates the living area from the bedroom, a larger sofa and a bathtub. A tiny balcony. Next time I will save my money and get just a regular balcony or go for a full suite with all the perks.


I hope I have inspired you to travel.

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Valerie Brown


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