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Day 16-Time to get off the ship.

I had a great cruise-made some new friends to travel with in the future. But it’s time to go.

Abe and I had an early start. We were taking a tour before going to the airport. Our first stop was a shrine in Asakusa.

Then onto a shrine in the Ginza area of Tokyo. Located in a beautiful park. There were many babies here as well. It is a local custom to bring your one month old to the shrine for blessings of good health throughout their life.

Then onto the airport. We did see the Tokyo Disneyland as we drove by. Looks just like the others.

i was traveling on a standby pass on Delta and assumed the flight was wide open, because it had been 2 weeks ago. Boy, was I wrong. I was the last person to be boarded on a completely full flight. Same thing on the flight from Seattle to Las Vegas. Last person boarded on this flight too.

But I’m home now. Working 6 days in a row. 1 day off and then 3 more days. Have to pay for all those vacation.

Next trip-October 14, 2019-I leave for ECUADOR & THE AMAZON RIVER.

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