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Day 15-Yokohama/Kamakura

Well, the original plan was to do the hop on hop off bus in Yokohama, but my friends had other ideas.

Kamakura-here I com!

Above is the floating Rugby player to announce the opening of the World Rugby Games in Tokyo.

met many of the players from South Africa.

The ship took us in a shuttle to the bus station. Then we hopped a train to the main YokohAma Station and then another train to Kamakura. But our Japanese friends helped us a lot. They even walked us to the connecting train to make sure we got on the right one.

At our arrival in Kamakura, we were looking for a specific Temple & shrine. As you can see by this map, there were many.

In order to get to the shrine, we had to go through the bazaar shopping.

Traditional Geisha outfits while shopping.

It’s hard to see inside the shrine, but a traditional Japanese wedding was taking place, while we were there.

Then a long walk, followed by a bus ride, took us to the second largest Buddha in the world.

Inside the Buddha’s head.

Then another bus ride to the train to the Yokohama Station. Randy & I decided to go back to the ship (another train, another bus). Abe and Charlotte decided to go to the Unko Museum. Unko means poop-yes, they went to a museum where the displays were made of poop-see above.

We never did get lunch that day, so we were starving at the dinner table. Unfortunately, this was not Celebrity’s best night. This was the dress up night, great food served cold over and over again. I also ordered Beef Wellington, which should have been filet, wrapped in pastry-instead it was round steak-big difference. They even brought the chef out to talk to us, but he refused to accept the blame for the cold food-the customers were expecting too much.

Tokyo at night from the cruise ship.

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