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Day 13-Hakodate

A view from the ship of Hakodate.

Celebrity keeps trying to tell me this is Day 14, but I know it’s Day 13.

Today was a beautiful day for sightseeing and Abe and I were one of the first ones off the ship. We had a free shuttle into town which was about 15 minutes away.

Greeting us were high school girls, as picture. This was there chance to welcome us, as well as practice their English. So sweet and kind.

From there we bought our Hakodate tram pass for $6-similar to a Hop on Hop off pass. Our first stop was to be Mount Hakodate.

I had to climb 20 minutes straight up a hill (huff-puff) only to find the Ropeway Cable Car was cancelled for the day, due to strong winds.

But looking for a silver lining we found this shrine one block away.

More to come, but I’m due at the theater in 20 minutes.

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