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Day 12-Otaru

My first day on land in 9 days. Heading off to an excursion. Otaru before was a big financial center with 25 banks. Now just a handful are left and open. The others have been turned into museums and stores.

Heading off to the hotel street where all the shops and restaurants are located. This is a typical seafood market. Herring was the original trade of Otaru, but from over fishing-there is no longer any industry to sell, other than to locals. They ran out of fish 40 years ago.

The thing to buy in Japan is kimonos if you can afford them and handmade music boxes. Abe bought a very expensive one and it was not very big, but very nice.

Kimonos now run about $800. I remember back in the 80’s when I got a silk one one for $20.

Onto the Herring Mansion, built in approx 1920. Beautiful landscaped home. Named after the Herring Industry that lasted 60 Years.

Nice bonsai tree.

Otaru at dusk.

Overall the tour was a bust and we have asked for a refund. Shopping and a visit to one museum for $100. I don’t think so. But we had a good day on shore. Tomorrow-Hakodate! No tour planned, we have left the tour planning (and bird watching) to Liz and Ian.

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