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Day 11-Last Day of Excursions-Off to Nadi, Fiji

First impressions of Nadi, is that it is very industrial, but in reality, it is a very sleepy town with a busy harbor. We did an excursion from the ship-that was alot of driving going nowhere.

This is a picture of the biggest Hindu Temple in the Southern Hemisphere. Very colorful. They say that the population is 49% Indian, but it looks like it is much more.


If you look very hard, you can see a picture of a sleeping giant.

Within their gardens is another sleeping giant.


There was also a picture of a marina that we went too, but for some reason, I am unable to post it. While we were there, they entertained us with fresh fruit and coconut breaking. An uneventful end to the many excursions we went on. I still like Dravuni and SavuSavu the best.


Day 12-Our final days at Sea. Lazy days sunning and reading. Today, I finally ventured to Deck 17-which is now the highlight of my ship. Here they have the Hollywood Club, which is an adult only pool area, that is enclosed-large swimming pool, with 2 hot tubs. But there are also sunning and shady areas nearby outside, as well as an area to sit and view the ocean and to play games. During our days at sea, there has been a lot of Mexican Train being played. I will also be bringing it with me for our upcoming cruises as well to Mexico & Asia.

When the entertainment is offered in the afternoon, I'm more likely to go to that than at 10pm at night. This afternoon, I had the pleasure of listening to Jack Watkins-quite a violinist.


We ate at the speciality Restaurant-La Sur la Bistro-French Dining. They were so busy, they were rushing our meals. Again, as before, adequate food, not worth paying extra for. I would not eat here again.


Every trip has ups and downs-remember that. No trip is without that.

Though, I have had discouraging words about the food, I still want to inspire you to travel somewhere in the world or close to home.

Valerie Brown


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