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Day 11-A lazy day at Sea The weather today for most of the day was beautiful. Warm & Sunny.

Randy’s Birthday Dinner. We ate so much, we all hurt at the end. Fabulous dinner & service at The Tuscan Grill! Charlotte from Birmingham, England is in the background.

Then onto the Silent Disco. You have your choice of 3 songs to listen too with headphones and then you dance.

Today was a lazy day. Out in the sun most of the morning,reading and such. Then onto Hollywood/Trivia. I only came in 2nd place, because I had a great partner. Late lunch in my room and I watched the new Superhero movie. I’m not sure what’s it name was, but very good.

Later watching 2 Russian Aerialists. Everyone is excited about our first port day tomorrow—Otaru .

Free Activities in NYC

Free Yoga Lessons at Bryant Park! Take advantage of free lessons on Tuesday morning at 10am or Thursday evenings at 6pm.

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