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Day 10-Another Foggy Day At Sea!

Our clocks were once again (and again tonight) were turned back one hour. I am getting up earlier and earlier every day. Today, if I had been outside at 6:30am, I could have joined the hundreds of passengers taking pictures of a volcanic island close to Japan.

Instead i lazed in my bed and planned out out my day. First, a rushed breakfast. I really wanted a long breakfast in the dining room, but they were working in slo-mo and I gave up and went to the buffet.

Onto a private back stage tour led by the cast members from the ships‘ show.

Then onto Part 2 of the Marilyn Monroe talk. Very interesting. Turns out her death was probably due to negligent doctors in her home at the time of her death.

Then onto another private cocktail party. So many parties, so little time.

After a 45 minute break, I went to a lecture on How To Tell A Joke by Ed Regine. I think I’m going to try my hand at stand up comedy again and Ed’s going to work with me. Will let everyone know when I start performing again.

Finally lunch, a nap and here I am.

Also, I thought this was interesting. Before getting off the ship in Otaru, every person must be interviewed (vetted) by Japanese Immigration-every person on the ship. Hmm...

Tonight is Randy’s Birthday and we are going to celebrate it in The Tuscan Grill with lots of steaks. Randy is from my dinner table and hails from Toronto.

Free Activities in NYC

See Alexander Hamilton‘s Harlem Estate. Go inside this preserved historic home in Harlem. This is to believed the only house founding father Alexander Hamilton ever owned. Back then, the entire area would have been countryside.

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