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Cruise Port Days-Why You Should Stay Onboard

I think one of the best reasons to stay on board while in port is that there too many ships already in port. Multiply 3000 people times 5 ships in port and that's a lot of people out shopping and doing excursions. I have gotten of the ship on days like this and it's been very discouraging because it was so crowded and ended up returning much earlier to the ship than planned.

How about just because your cruise vacation is just that. Sometimes we get caught up and forget that a vacation is to relax and rejuvenate yourself. So take a day of rest.

And while you are on board, think of all the things you can do, without 3000 people surrounding you.

No waiting time at the pool slide.

You will finally find a deck chair by the pool. A quiet space, a haven to read and relax. Imagine the pool to yourself and maybe a few others.

Spa services are usually discounted on days in port. Take advantage of massages for 25% less than usual. Wait until the night before that day in port-that's when they're usually advertised.

The Fitness Center-grab your favorite machine and the best part is, there probably won't be anyone around standing & waiting for you to finish.

There are no lines at the Buffet! Graze to your heart's content!

Take photos & videos of the cruise ship. No photo bombing, because no one's around but you. Find your favorite crew member, have a picture taken with him. Have a fruity cocktail by the pool-make sure someone gets your picture and then post it on Facebook.

Laundry-the laundry room is always full, people waiting and waiting and waiting. But today, there is no waiting for you. It's all about you today.

Does your ship have an escape room or climbing wall? I might try a climbing wall if there were very few people around. I definitely wouldn't do it, if there were crowds around.

How about Trivia-Yay-you might win today, because very few people are playing.

Are the excursions too expensive for this port? On a budget, save your money for another excursion.

And finally, maybe the port just isn't that interesting. Think about it. Sometimes the ports in small towns have very little to offer, other than a place where the ship can dock.

I don't think I spoke about any specific company today, but if I did, I was not paid by them to do so.

I hope I continue to inspire you to travel!

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