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Cruise from New Orleans to Mexico Feb 24-29, 2020

Still time to join us this fun cruise. Call me at 702-981-0445. Sailing from New Orleans round-trip to Cozumel & Progresso (Merida), Mexico. Inside cabins at $394, Ocean View Cabins at $444. This is the Carnival Valor.

On Monday, I leave for a tour of Ecuador and 3 days on the Amazon River. I’m a little worried about the Amazon-including the Anaconda, Piranhas and the spiders. Not to mention the mosquitoes and all the other bugs. But I figure if I survive this trip, I will be able to do the Gorilla trek next May in Rwanda & Uganda.

Look for lots of pictures.

i am not a backpack person, but I did get one for this trip-I don’t think my purse is the thing to carry in the jungle. Plus I bought hiking boots for the jungle-I have never owned a pair of hiking boots before.

This will be a Gate 1 Tour and I know they will take good care of me.

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