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Corona Virus Self Isolation

This quarantine is very hard on me and I’m sure you as well. I thought by working all the time, it would make things easier. But it’s not. Instead of sitting at home, I’m in a lonely hotel room.

i have started a new online graphic arts course. See above. I have the time to learn new things. I‘m making small videos. But there are still 24 hours in a day to fill.

I’m dreaming of my next trip(s), but here are some pictures of past trips.


Kauai hiking trip-what a day!

Luxor, Egypt at night.

Pisa, Italy-does it really lean that much?

Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany. Berlin is a beautiful city-have to go back there.

An animal sanctuary near Capetown, South Africa.

i do have a good time while traveling. Can’t wait to start again.

Anyway, keep calm. This will be over soon and remember I want to inspire you to travel.

Valerie Brown

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