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Biggest Travel Scams

No, I'm not talking about people calling you on the phone and selling timeshares or free cruises. I'm talking about people trying to con or scam you while you're traveling.

You have a lot of luggage or maybe not so much; you take a taxi and then you get to your destination. Your taxi driver helps you get the luggage out-"let me do that for you". Except then the taxi driver drives off with one of your pieces. Make sure always to get the name & number of taxi.

Or the taxi driver that takes the long way to get you to your hotel or the railway station. Now the price has tripled. Check out the distance prices before you get in the taxi with the airport information desk, before you leave. It's happened to all of us at one time or another-now you're better informed.


Wait there's something on your coat-Let me help you with that!

This is usually done with 2 people . The first person puts something on your coat or shirt and then try's to help you get if off. You place your backpack down to get this food or something off your shirt, then the second person moves in and picks up your back pack.

Now some people really are trying to be nice, this is just a cautionary tale that happens all the time. Just be aware of situations happening around you. Hold your bag in front, don't place things on the ground.


The Bump Scam-feel a bump on the train, walking, in crowds. Most likely, someone is trying to steal your phone or wallet. Always keep your money and phone in your front pockets, not the back pockets-it's harder to steal this way.


Can you hold my baby for just a minute? In the meanwhile, someone else is behind you taking something out of your pockets or backpack-happens all the time.

Same thing when crowds of children surround you. These children have been trained by their parents to distract you and then one of the others takes something from your backpack or back pocket.


This flower would look so nice on you-now I want money. No, you took my flower, you need to pay me for it now.


Hotel Scam-You get a call late at night asking for your credit card over the phone. "We're trying to run the room charges through and they're was a problem". Tell them you will be downstairs in a minute and I bet you they hang up on you. This is just a scam to get your CC info.

In Italy, especially, this is a problem-stealing wifi info from your devices. Always get the wifi password, directly from the Starbucks counter and/or restaurant. They have secure networks.


Be informed, be cautious! I am not trying to scare you into not traveling, these things happen at home too. Just be aware of your surroundings. Remember the old adage, 'if it's too good to be true, then it probably isn't true'.

I hope I have inspired you to travel. See the world!

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