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I came across an article recently and I thought I should do an article on jobs for retirees. Whether you're doing it for econmic reasons or just because you are bored.

There was an article from USA today published on June 19, 2019, how Chinese parents are paying for their kids to learn English from US online tutors. Turns out there are already thousands of Americans already teaching English remotely to a Chinese population eager to learn the English language. Teachers are required to be native English speakers, hold a bachelor's degree and live in the U.S. A few of the companies that are hiring include ESL (English as a Second Language), VIPKid and FlexJobs.

Any retired teachers out there, needing some extra cash?


This was supposed to be the Arts & Craft area, to possibly sell at Craft fairs or on, but there is a new sensation going on called flip cup paintings (see above). I have taken this class with my friend Ranae K and have been following this (flip cup acrylics) on Facebook and I am amazed at how many are selling their work for hundreds of dollars. Abstract art is definetly in right now.


How about Gardening for Fun & Profit. Start your own little farm business and sell your home grown all natural fruits & vegetables or maybe just take over a neighbor's garden for some extra cash.


Seasonal Work at National Parks- a great opportunity to work and play in a beautiful National Park near you.


Volunteer work with perks. I have 3 stories. My one friend Carmen M, works with the Las Vegas Police Department. Her job is as a volunteer she offers information and assists tourists at the Las Vegas Airport. Her perk, free parking. This is a huge perk at $18 per day, with the price going up.

My friend Ann H started coming to Las Vegas every winter, years ago to do volunteer work at St. Jude's Thrift Store in Boulder City, NV. They provide free housing for volunteers-what a perk!

My third story is that I have many of my friends are doing. Volunteer your time at the Smith Center in Las Vegas. Their job is to take tickets and assist customers with seats and in exchange for their help, they get to watch Broadway plays and other shows.

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